Katy In A Sentence

How To Use Katy In A Sentence?

  • From the meadows ascended the choir of cicada: katy did, katy didn't, katy did. . . .
  • When Aunt Katy entered she found Bob bemoaning the backache, which his mother had unsparingly given him!
  • Accordingly, old Katy appeared around the corner of the house just as Mr. Middleton had spoken to his brother of his color.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Katy | Katy Sentence

  • I admit that Katy did it.
  • Katy did, Katy did; she did, she did!
  • Nevertheless, I shall not give Katy a reference.
  • Doesn't Katy wish she had?
  • These things being true, Katy wants to take with her all that pertains to her.
  • Happily, the threatening of illness was a false alarm, but Katy is going.
  • I engaged Katy last May from a highly responsible intelligence office.
  • From that time Aunt Katy looked upon Fanny as one not long for this world.
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