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  • She had the keenest sympathy with girls.
  • Terry listened with the keenest disappointment.
  • She has expressed for it the keenest admiration.
  • He watched it with the keenest attention.
  • He had far the keenest eyes of all of us.
  • Her independence gave her the keenest pleasure.
  • For keenest sight but multiplies the shows.
  • The forester looked on with keenest interest.
  • This thought gave her the keenest pain.
  • The keenest wits by her confounding riddles.
  • It was the keenest pleasure he had ever tasted.
  • The keenest delight was depicted on every face.
  • Worse still it gives me keenest pleasure to employ it.
  • The keenest jealousies on earth are church jealousies.
  • The keenest of us see only a mere fraction of it.
  • Yet children and dogs, they say, have keenest instincts!
  • The person who suffered keenest was Celeste.
  • With the keenest anticipation he awaited the time when Mme.
  • Both gentlemen felt the keenest interest in the Far East.
  • Bipin's displeasure was keenest against this man.
  • It cannot be wondered at that his success filled him with the keenest delight.
  • And do not shrink from sorrow's keenest wind.
  • What those moments of keenest fear might signify she had no idea.
  • I felt the keenest regret at my own precipitation in claiming the picture.
  • But our sense of order is keenest where we discern it in apparent confusion.
  • Parting from the thing loved shall be the keenest pang of human pain.
  • He believed her, and this belief gave him the keenest satisfaction.
  • The soul feels sorrow keenest at the first moments of consciousness.
  • Great art is a speculum reflecting life as the keenest eyes have seen it.
  • Love brings the most intense sorrows, the keenest joys of life.
  • Hilda, when she had time, had the keenest satisfaction in contemplating them.

How To Use Keenest In A Sentence?

  • He who had himself deceived all was now deceived by all, and suffered the keenest pangs.
  • It was the keenest disappointment of the nesting season, and there had been many.
  • Violet looked at it with a curious half-reluctant glance that expressed the keenest pain.
  • If he wanted to be offensive, that was the keenest cut he could have delivered.
  • Watching him, the keenest eyes could not have detected that he was moved in any way.
  • He could never hear again that name without experiencing the keenest pain and chagrin.
  • He was watching his own child, who was staring at the intruder with looks of keenest interest.
  • It demands the keenest mental activity, the most profound mental concentration.
  • At sunrise every telescope was pointed with keenest interest towards the center of attraction.

Definition of Keenest

superlative form of keen: most keen
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