Keep Going In A Sentence

How To Use Keep Going In A Sentence?

  • Kelly had always had the idea that a man should keep going and so now he kept on going.
  • You keep going here and there to induce people as far as possible to formulate their accusations.
  • Jerry could not be restrained, for his sporting blood demanded that he keep going all the while.
  • They settled doggedly to the task, although it took all their strength and wind to keep going.
  • No doubt he would keep going, over the summit and down the other side, for timber.
  • Kelly had always had one primary drive, and that was to keep going, no matter what.
  • If you've got something that you can't keep going, it hardly seems to belong to you.
  • I am ordered to take thirty men and keep going until I come into touch with the enemy.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Keep Going | Keep Going Sentence

  • Always keep going on.
  • Stop it or keep going!
  • So now he tried to keep going.
  • Keep going next time.
  • What good does it do us to keep going?
  • At such temperatures one must keep going.
  • But whatever you do, keep going.
  • We can keep going now till we scrape his acquaintance.
  • Always keep going on, as the saying is.
  • Hicks was gone, and likely to keep going.
  • Best just to go ahead, and keep going.
  • Keep going until you come in sight of the Mohawks.
  • But I must not keep going back to that.
  • Along the wall ... keep going....
  • Keep going.
  • Keep going on.
  • I'm just as anxious to keep going as you are.
  • Once on the other side keep going till you get into the foothills.
  • We'll keep going until we get out of the state.
  • The best we can do is to take our chances and keep going north.
  • We will keep going until we get to the place where the big fires were.
  • However, it seems pointless to keep going over the same ground.
  • It took courage to run up against such obstacles and still keep going on.
  • That thought was enough to make us get up and keep going no matter what.
  • If there is no wind and we cannot keep going, we must put it off for the time.
  • For perhaps fifty yards she would keep going and then would stop.
  • It wasn't the final answer, but it was a way to keep going.
  • Therefore, wind up your clock always and regularly, and it will keep going.
  • I sure don't know how we'll ever get enough grub aboard to keep going.
  • You'd better keep going now; you'll get to Nome before the season opens.
  • If I keep going, I'll get hungry, and there won't be any food.
  • We don't stand still or retrogress; we keep going on and up.

Definition of Keep Going

(intransitive) To continue functioning. | (transitive) To proceed; to make progress, physically or figuratively. | (transitive) To see that (a person) is continually supplied with something, or that they can progress or carry on.
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