Keep In In A Sentence

Definition of Keep In

Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see keep,‎ in. | to require a pupil to stay after school as a punishment | to stay blazing (of a fire)

How To Use Keep In In A Sentence?

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that we should speak through the throat and not from it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Keep In | Keep In Sentence

  • She did not keep in sitting.
  • This it is important that you should keep in mind.
  • But we have much to keep in mind.
  • What does it keep in the back-shop?
  • They help to keep in the cold.
  • But keep in mind this consideration.
  • You never keep in line!
  • Strain into a bowl and keep in a cool place.
  • This command did he keep in very truth until his death.
  • Use a toothpick to keep in place if necessary.
  • Mix and keep in a well-corked flask.
  • It is not the ring which she used to keep in the box.
  • Commemorate, to keep in memory.
  • Bottle and cork tight and keep in a dark place.
  • Georgiana, pray keep in the shade.
  • How did boats keep in touch with one another?
  • Have close-fitting cover to keep in the steam.
  • This will keep in a cool place for six weeks.
  • Besides, the breastwork will keep in the heat.
  • Sift all together and keep in a glass jar or tin box.
  • As the peace you keep in France.
  • So Grant had to keep in touch with both.
  • It is good for them all to wonder what I keep in here!
  • Simply keep in mind one thing; each box has six sides.
  • In summer it will keep in ice for two days; perhaps longer.
  • That is to keep in our minds always the fatherhood of God.
  • What do you keep in this air, Casey?
  • And the dry food I keep in that box there.
  • But now Una was still fighting to keep in life.
  • I can keep in touch by the wire as I proceed.
  • Colonel, keep in your Heat, and treat calmly with him.
  • Wary, Davy, wary! keep in a bit.
  • I'll keep in touch with you.
  • He does not keep in practice and in touch with the men of his profession.
  • How could they keep in touch with it if it located what they sought?
  • That will enable us to keep in touch with the other stations.
  • To keep in health" by regimen.
  • As for the house itself, there was not much of it to keep in order.
  • They must keep in pay some author of very extraordinary genius.

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