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  • Let him keep to his own shambles.
  • Go down below and keep to your mates.
  • I prefer to keep to them.
  • He was to keep to the trail.
  • You keep to the left of the road.
  • My thoughts are too happy to keep to myself.
  • He ought to keep to his own sphere.
  • They must keep to the road.
  • Let him keep to the sticking place.
  • They must keep to bounds.
  • He was sick and had to keep to his room.
  • Shall we keep to this side of the road?
  • None of you women can keep to the point.
  • Let us keep to the charge.
  • What student can keep to his solemn book?
  • Now let us keep to this parallel.
  • They would keep to the high road.
  • But the speakers did not keep to one place.
  • I would keep to the edge of the ravine.
  • Once in for it, keep to the air.
  • The plodders had best keep to the beaten road.
  • And mind you keep to that, you and your friends.
  • But let us keep to the matter in hand.
  • Whatever you resolve upon, keep to it.
  • Ay, keep to that, madam.
  • In summaries, keep to one tense.
  • Or, perhaps, you will keep to the cover.
  • If you wish to play cards, keep to the gambling table.
  • But I could not keep to the resolution.
  • And we'll keep to things where the police can't touch us.
  • But we will keep to English, if you do not mind.
  • So let us keep to the Christian one.
  • You mustn't laugh, but it's too good to keep to oneself.
  • Oh no, I shall keep to the one I am used to.
  • No, Roby, I shall keep to the original plan.
  • III, p. 90) keep to their former standpoint.
  • And this encouraged me greatly to keep to my new resolution.
  • But let's keep to facts.
  • We'll keep to the backbone of this range for a while.

How To Use Keep To In A Sentence?

  • Chickens will keep to their own side of the road when they have chosen it three times.

Definition of Keep To

To adhere strictly to; not to neglect or deviate from.
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