Keith In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Keith | Keith Sentence

  • Keith forestalled her.
  • Keith caught up with her.
  • Keith thought so too.
  • Keith did not understand.
  • Keith had so understood her.
  • Keith was at his best.
  • Keith doubted it too.
  • Keith had been thinking of it all the evening.
  • Keith looked relived.
  • Keith laughed and waited.
  • Keith laughed and passed on.
  • Keith was standing at the door.
  • Keith reflected a moment.
  • Keith thinks all right.
  • Keith had explained that he had just arrived.
  • Keith looked acquiescent.
  • Keith had a feeling of disappointment.
  • Keith professed his readiness to do so.
  • Keith made his way over to her.
  • Keith had named both men.
  • Keith frowned a little.
  • Keith gasped with astonishment.
  • Keith was glad that he had not intimated it.
  • Keith knew nothing of this until it was all over.
  • Keith picked it up to glance over it.
  • Keith rose from his seat.
  • Keith flushed at her manner.
  • Keith tapped his head.
  • Keith greeted him wonderingly.
  • Keith warmed to the boy.
  • Keith awoke from his daze.
  • Keith gazed at him in amazement.
  • Keith pretended not to hear.
  • Keith chilled instantly.
  • Keith had not uttered a word.

How To Use Keith In A Sentence?

  • Keith was both pleased and relieved.
  • Keith came out mystified.
  • Keith said he hoped so.
  • Keith flushed warmly.
  • Keith felt reassured.
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