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  • Kelly straightened up.
  • Kelly had sprung to his feet.
  • Kelly fell to his knees.
  • Kelly cried out as he stood up.
  • Kelly gezegd moest hebben.
  • Kelly looked at me out of the corner of his eyes.
  • Kelly himself was a settled married man.
  • Kelly raised himself painfully to an elbow.
  • Kelly knew one thing then.
  • Kelly caught the remnants of it as she swung by him.
  • Kelly had done himself proud this time.
  • Kelly, the unpernickety steward.
  • Kelly leaned his shaggy mop of hair my way.
  • Kelly ne recevait aucun journal...
  • Kelly at her lips, a natural bubble of the notes.
  • That was an obsession with Kelly.
  • Kelly saw the red dwarf a few hundred million kilos away.
  • Kelly knew of a suitable craft, the s.s.
  • Kelly, from his Daughter.
  • I indignantly asked Kelly.
  • Kelly was one of the staunchest souls in the Army.
  • Kelly, actrice anglaise (miss).
  • Of course he knew it from Kelly and the others.
  • He instantly recognised the voice of Kelly.
  • Try to be fair to her, Kelly.
  • Mr. Kelly had heard of such cases.
  • Instantly Kelly dropped back into a placid tone.
  • Nor did Kelly let his own squad lose any time.
  • And Kelly was gruff as a bear next day.
  • This year Kelly wanted a hay ride.
  • But Kelly was dogged, and would not answer.
  • The more Kelly thought about it, the better he felt.
  • Mr. Kelly resolved upon a sentimental surprise.
  • Kelly op hem af, in wilde woede door den ring stuivend.
  • The Kelly critter had all sail sot and colors flying.

How To Use Kelly In A Sentence?

  • But maybe they were too damn happy, Kelly thought.
  • Miller, Kelly, 66-67.
  • Illustrated by John Kelly.
  • But Kelly knew how to arouse them....
  • What will Kelly Walsh say?
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