Kenny In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Kenny | Kenny Sentence

  • But Kenny heard no more.
  • It bothered Kenny now.
  • It was like Kenny to have a grievance.
  • Sick with discouragement Kenny pointed to the will.
  • At the wistaria ladder Kenny sighed.
  • All of them Kenny felt should be anchored more securely.
  • Fascinated, Kenny climbed in.
  • Inwardly in turmoil Kenny took the plunge.
  • So Kenny set himself to his freak of mercy.
  • Nellie stumbled and jolted Kenny into sanity.
  • To him Kenny was an incomprehensible source of turbulence.
  • Mr. Kenny bleakly asked.
  • He watched Kenny down the steps and into the buggy.
  • The need was desperate and Kenny did his best.
  • Mr. Kenny lifted his feet again.
  • Wily and magnetic Kenny always had his way.
  • But Kenny was already on his way to the kitchen door.
  • By the end of the week Kenny forgot that he had been away.
  • He stared curiously at Kenny and shook his head.
  • Lamp in hand Kenny went to the foot of the stairway.
  • They motored on in a silence that Kenny found depressing.
  • He left Kenny amazed and aggrieved at his desertion.
  • Somewhat nettled, Kenny obeyed.
  • It was the first time in his life that Kenny had faced it.
  • Nothing loathe, Kenny obeyed.
  • Fate having toyed with Kenny tossed him a rose and smiled.
  • And Kenny detested any form of humiliation or discomfort.
  • The bare thought of it filled Kenny with sympathetic gloom.
  • Painting with Kenny was an occupation, never work.
  • Surprised and nettled, Kenny obeyed in spite of himself.
  • The sight of the banana made Kenny dizzy with emotion.
  • John Kenny swung up his aging feet as the storm swept by.
  • At sunset Kenny blew the horn beneath the willow.
  • The problem of small change Kenny found a torment.
  • Intensely excited, Kenny swung to his feet.

How To Use Kenny In A Sentence?

  • Tongue-tied and scarlet, Kenny stared into the cabin.
  • Mr. Kenny liked his windows casually plain to the world.
  • Dumfounded, Kenny turned away and gathered up his letters.
  • A kill kenny ring, there he stands Madam.
  • Reckless, Kenny used his one weapon of composure.
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