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  • Gij kent het in het mijne.
  • Judge Kent will be out late.
  • Een akker is dood en kent zijn eigen plage niet.
  • Judge Kent threw out his arms appealingly.
  • Judge Kent rose and smiled benignly.
  • The standard of Kent was the picture of a white horse.
  • Why didn't you come down into Kent to see the hoppin'?
  • The Kent County association was itinerant.
  • Are you going to protect me from Lady Kent this time?
  • The Kent County association had a very simple constitution.
  • Two rivers, Kent and Yorkshire.
  • Mr. Kent states to me, that Capt.
  • The line crosses the Kent water and enters Sussex.
  • After two hours Judge Kent awoke and groaned.
  • B. Bosc is largely grown in Kent as a market pear.
  • Claiborne, claim of, to Kent Island, 253.
  • Ernest Dowson was born at Belmont Hill in Kent in 1867.
  • Rockwell Kent (A); 24Nov69; R473015.
  • Why he migrated from Kent was a mystery to the friends he had left behind.
  • Dan zijt ge nog onder de wet en kent het zoet der genade niet.
  • A coof like him wad stain your name, If it were kent ye did it.
  • Och, reeds die vraag toont, hoe weinig ge ze kent en verstaat.
  • Wij oordeelen naar het oogenblik, maar Hij kent de eeuwige uitkomst.
  • Chancellor Kent has shown his leaning in that direction (Comm.
  • Pacing up and down the colonnade, Judge Kent watched them approaching.
  • The Kent County association also suggested a reading-course for its members.
  • He swung off toward the wagons, the five men and Jimmie Kent following him.
  • En ge merkt het: God is meerder dan mijn hart, en Hij kent alle dingen.

How To Use Kent In A Sentence?

  • Miss Kent wishes you to know she remembers you with interest, and hopes to hear you sing again.
  • Judge Kent beat a muffled tattoo with the prongs of his fork on the handle of a spoon lying near.
  • He smiled upon Kent as though the sandy-haired man were in truth the apple of his eye.
  • Mrs. Kent went sleighing with some friends, and the horses became uncontrollable.
  • Judge Kent seated himself, lifted the decanter in front of him, and filled a glass.
  • Then so stirred was he by her beauty that he gave to Hengist all of Kent for her hand.
  • In some cases associations similar to the Kent County association have been developed.
  • Claybourne established a colony at Kent Island, from whence a burgess was sent.
  • The liqueur glass was shattered on the floor and Judge Kent lay insensible in his chair.
  • They were writing letters in the library that morning, when Senator Kent turned to her.
  • Removing the ice from the yellow heart of his melon, Judge Kent glanced around the table.
  • Frant Wadhurst and Ticehurst belong more naturally to West Kent than East Sussex.

Definition of Kent

(Scotland) To propel (a boat) using a pole. | (Scotland) A shepherd's staff. | (Scotland) A pole or pike.
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