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  • But Dr. Ketchup was already asleep.
  • Dr. Ketchup walked out, with ruffled dignity, carefully dressed.
  • She might have recalled it but that Dr. Ketchup walked in at that moment.
  • But Dr. Ketchup could not be sure whether Jonas was making game of him or not.

How To Use Ketchup In A Sentence?

  • Serve it up with a cullis sauce under, with ketchup and lemon-pickle mixed in it.
  • Serve them up with cullis sauce and ketchup in it, or stewed mushrooms and cullis.
  • This oyster ketchup will keep perfectly good longer than oysters are ever out of season.
  • Drain them dry, and serve them up with a very good-seasoned cullis sauce and ketchup in it.
  • Dr. Ketchup had been a blacksmith, but bard work disagreed with his constitution.
  • So tomatoes were canned, or made into ketchup and chili sauce, while some were used green in pickles.
  • Under the clothes lay buried Ketchup the blacksmith; under the wiseacre face was Ketchup the ignoramus.
  • The place was crowded, so that the wagon-seats were brought in; and a very affecting sight it was to see the communion-wine brought in a ketchup bottle.
  • But if you are not so particular and wish them for immediate use, or for ketchup or drying, the common way of cutting them off and carrying them home in bulk will answer well enough.

Definition of Ketchup

(transitive) To cover with ketchup. | (uncountable) A tomato-vinegar-based sauce. | (countable) Such a sauce more generally (not necessarily based on tomatoes).
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