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  • Describe the mechanical operations taking place in the organ when a key is being sounded.
  • History pitched in a shrill polemical key is not instructive and is something less than amusing.
  • Nature is a vast treasure-house of beauty, whereof the key is in the human heart.
  • Bontems says he is there, and asks his Majesty to open, because the key is not in the door.
  • This day, for one brief hour, a key is given To all, however poor, to enter heaven.
  • The construction of a Western Electric Company horizontal spring key is shown in Fig.
  • Much of course is in cipher, but the key is available and sometimes the official decipherment.
  • See that the dampers are in line; and that they will stop the tone properly when the key is released.
  • See that the top button falls so low that the damper lever does not touch it when the key is released.
  • When a key is depressed a die shoots from the magazine on to a travelling belt and is whirled off to the assembling-box.
  • When the key is once struck and the note sounded there is a completed action and the note cannot then be modified nor changed in the least.
  • The key is then pushed down in view of the patient and he is to indicate the time when and the place where he begins to feel the galvanic current.
  • I try to push some of my long hair through the key-hole to attract their attention, but the key is in.
  • The key is kept by a ghoulish old dame, almost as time-worn and mildewed as the tomb over which she watches.
  • This key is really a part of the listening key and serves to open this locking circuit whenever the listening key is operated.
  • A key is let down to us by the warder, who is keeping armed watch in his sentry-box on the top of the wall.
  • Considering the wippen and its attachments as one part, how many parts move when a key is struck in the upright piano?
  • When the button is too low, it disengages too soon, and much of the force of the key is lost before it reaches the hammer.
  • The diagram illustrates the two octaves of the key-board, and shows how each key is designated in giving the system of temperament.
  • For one thing, the key is on the outside of the door; for another, he is not quite such a fool as that.
  • This is rendered necessary on account of the various modulations employed in modern music, in which every possible harmony in every key is used.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Key Is | Key Is Sentence

  • The key is tied to it.
  • The key is struck with no response.
  • Name all the defects to which the key is subject.
  • You know what this key is from my other letters.
  • The key is heard turning in the lock.
  • Since that the case is locked; the key is here.
  • The turning of a key is audible in the golden door.
  • The key is rusty and will hardly turn in the lock.
  • The strain in the minor key is played three times.
  • The key is in Palermo.
  • And the key, my lady, the key is in the casket.
  • Will is in Scotland, but the key is always at my disposal.
  • The key is lost!
  • When a key is struck and there is no response, what may be the cause?
  • You know yourself, on this day no lock or key is of any avail.
  • We use it, let ourselves in, lock the door, and the key is hauled up again.
  • First, open that cupboard yonder; the key is in the lock; that is right.
  • A Kellogg party-line listening and ringing key is shown in Fig.
  • When a Typewriter key is struck, Program Flag Number One is set.
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