Keystone in a sentence

Definition of Keystone

(transitive) To distort (an image) by projecting it onto a surface at an angle, which for example causes a square to look like a trapezoid. | (transitive, retail) To double the cost price in order to determine the retail price; to apply a markup of 100%. | (architecture) The top stone of an arch.

Short Example Sentence for Keystone

  • 1. Tabulation is not the keystone of the arch of thanksgiving.
  • 2. It is the keystone of the arch of divine revelation.
  • 3. This is, in fact, the keystone of the imperial arch.
  • 4. Pennsylvania, the Keystone State.
  • 5. Love when it comes is the keystone of this brief span of Life of ours.
  • 6. Mrs. Capella's yielding to blackmail is the keystone of the arch.
  • 7. Adam's sin is the corner-stone of Christianity; the keystone of the arch.

How to use Keystone in a Sentence?

  • 1. This block was like the keystone in an arch, and held the others firmly in place.
  • 2. I suppose the custom was brought over by the Germans, who settled in the Keystone State.
  • 3. St. Cyr at the moment looked like a Keystone Kop after the chase sequence, and knew it.
  • 4. The lifting of the keystone of the arch, when first inserted is a very interesting performance.
  • 5. The integrity and permanence of the person is the keystone to religion, as it is to philosophy and ethics.
  • 6. If this staging is removed before the keystone is put in place, the entire structure falls in ruins.
  • 7. It shows the Church as the keystone in which the various thrusts of those contending masses met and balanced each other.
  • 8. Like the keystone of an arch, or the link of a chain, forests cannot be destroyed without the collapse of the entire fabric.
  • 9. She was working a lace collar to wear with a certain blue blouse, and upon that flimsy keystone was erecting an air-castle.
  • 10. The main west doorway has the round arch resting upon coupled pilasters, the keystone is adorned with the head and arms of a winged figure.
  • 11. His friends put no one else beside him; and his colleagues in the Cabinet were well aware that he represented the keystone in their arch.
  • 12. Exactness of expression is as important to Pushkin as it was to Pope, just as fearless honesty was the keystone of his personality.
  • 13. Buy one thousand Keystone Central at twenty' went to the manager with the rest.
  • 14. The resurrection of Jesus is the keystone of Christian faith, the central stay on which the structure rests.
  • 15. Finally let me insert as the keystone of all that I have been saying in this chapter, be sincere, and ardent, and consistent, in your own piety.
  • 16. Explain Lincoln by any theory you will, his personality was the keystone of the Northern arch; subtract it, and the arch falls.
  • 17. This is because she is in harmony with her age, and has not, therefore, put herself in rivalry with them; and harmony is the very keystone of beauty.
  • 18. I suppose it is not strange that the hostile critics occupy themselves almost entirely with this keystone of the arch, since that has given the name to the whole tendency.
  • 19. When the keystone has been placed in position the arch will sustain considerable weight, but if it be removed nearly all of the other stones tumble to the floor in a confused heap.
  • 20. Family sacrifices have become the keystone of all the Law of Persons and much of the Law of Things.
  • 21. The militia promptly responded to the call, and military preparations were going on, not only in the old Keystone State, but throughout the land.