Kick In A Sentence

Definition of Kick

To die. | A hit or strike with the leg, foot or knee. | The action of swinging a foot or leg.

How To Use Kick In A Sentence?

  • This one down here now is making his little kick about the few pickings we get out of our jobs.
  • Leonard burst the door in with a single kick of his foot and stepped over the threshold.
  • On the other hand, it may be said that mules seldom or never do set to and kick when picketed.
  • Whereupon he proceeded to kick the unoffending breakfast, cigarettes and all, out of the car door.
  • When Geppetto had finished the feet he received a kick on the point of the nose.
  • Anyhow, there's a good five hundred in the poke, and that's better than a kick in the pants.
  • If It chases the one who touched the object, the others may kick it, and then It has to return.
  • A vicious kick wakened him, and he leaped to his feet to see the gardener standing over him swearing.
  • Here a man crawled into a passage to nurse a broken head; there a knot gathered to kick a sprawling foe.
  • The beast began to kick up his heels, and lower his head as heretofore; but this time the trick would not answer.
  • The lieutenant writhed in the negro's grasp and with a kick caught Tom on the right shin.
  • There was a heavy tread, with the kick of a boot against stair or skirting-board; and then came noisy steps along the landing.
  • But when you pick up a stone or a club, or git ready to give 'em a good kick they're gone, the devil knows where.
  • You have been ill-treated, I own, but there is no use in kicking at power, unless you can kick it before you.
  • With much labor they finally released the colt, who expressed prompt gratitude by launching a swift and vicious kick at Collie.
  • He began to kick her bare legs till Babs thought she would have no shins left at all; but she would not run away.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Kick | Kick Sentence

  • I can kick room for myself.
  • What have you got to kick about?
  • With a kick she knocked over the furnace.
  • One kick a piece for the four of us!
  • Truly it might have been the kick of a horse she received.
  • It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.
  • Doesn't he kick up his heels and snort?
  • Why should he kick now, when he hadn't kicked before?
  • It won't kick hard this time.
  • Then with a violent kick in the groin he rolled her over, and departed.
  • You fellas expect a boss to buck and bite and kick and buffalo you generally.
  • He liked them all, and he never thought any of them would kick or bite him.
  • Git out o' here before I kick you out.
  • Moodily standing and gazing down, he gave an idle kick to a stone near by.
  • Courtlandt's got the stiffest kick I ever ran into.
  • That faithful friend grunted with rage and aimed a vicious kick at Cesca.
  • One attacked him from behind, but with a quick kick Dick shook himself free.
  • Then Dutchy jumped in and begun t' kick the parson's dawg in the snoot.
  • If Johnny Croft comes to you with anything about me, kick him off the ranch.
  • Still, it's all a matter of lot, and I've got no kick coming.
  • So I suppose: for what a foolish task To kick against the pricks!
  • If I haven't got any kick coming I don't see why you should have any.
  • Then he aimed a kick of spurning at the dead man's body and moved away.
  • Nevertheless an' agin, you shouldn't ought to have any kick comin'.

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