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  • And he kicked the heap to splinters.
  • I kicked him, under the table.
  • It looked as if he had kicked something wet.
  • He kicked them as they knelt and drove them away again.
  • Men kicked upon the barred door.
  • Burckhardt kicked it shut and pointed the gun.
  • Jimmy kicked off his boots and plunged into the cauldron.
  • He kicked a brand into the fire and the flame leaped.
  • But the mole kicked the swallow with his short legs.
  • Pinkie Whiskers kicked and kicked.
  • The blunderbuss, he said, kicked like a mule.
  • These McCloud, with apologies, kicked into the corners.
  • You've kicked out the bottom from the old footing.
  • Methodically he kicked together a little pile of greasewood roots.
  • Dicky looked to see this man beaten down, kicked and stripped.
  • That cynical beast, with small warning, kicked at him viciously.
  • But still he wailed, and kicked with his legs, and refused to be comforted.
  • Pinkie Whiskers screamed and kicked some more, but it was of no use.
  • I fired one that Mr. Stewart carries, and it almost kicked my shoulder off.
  • She kicked out but she couldn't hit anyone and Manguino let go of her.

How To Use Kicked In A Sentence?

  • Saying which he leaned over and deliberately kicked the phonograph down the side of the hill.
  • The incident had excited the soldiers, and they kicked and pounded the prisoners.
  • He kicked and kicked, but the green reed held him so fast that he could not free himself.
  • But before they gained the shelter, three times the sand kicked into puffs ahead of them.
  • Horse after horse, as his rider hooked the stirrup, flew back or kicked like a flash.
  • Boise Bill lifted his huge foot and kicked over first the pan of ham and then the gravy.
  • His own rifle lay on the ground behind him, and King kicked its stock clear of the fire.
  • One brave kicked away the log, and Menard was thrown inside with such force that he fell headlong.
  • The royal messenger had been incontinently kicked overboard by B. McGuffey, Esquire.
  • He kicked his slippers off, because there are no conditions under which bad manners ever are good policy.
  • It turned out to be the end of a long narrow strip that he kicked and unrolled in front of him all across the floor of the mosque.
  • Some men tried to pull him off the stage but he kicked and swung his fists, and made a mark on their faces.
  • Do they suppose, that when the scale of their consequence is kicked down on one side, it rises proportionally on the other?
  • They kicked against their compulsory virtue, but the attempt was only successful in the case of Ortheris.
  • To add further point be kicked a loose stone over the edge, and the movement caused him to bend his neck and so inadvertently to hurt his boils.
  • I'm like a dog that doesn't mind being kicked so long as he can hang about under the dining-room table to sniff up crumbs.
  • Amidst a roar from both touch-lines and a volley of howls from the road, a Ripton forward kicked off.
  • Now that Yuma hoss has kicked the fancy linin' out of every cayuse that dast come nigh her.
  • I might have been kicked out of the service for looting a mule from a nation in alliance with His Majesty.
  • The warriors laughed again, and one kicked it away; but Menard crawled after it, and this time was not disturbed.

Definition of Kicked

(slang, smoking, of a pipe) Empty with nothing left to smoke but ash. | simple past tense and past participle of kick
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