Kidding In A Sentence

Definition of Kidding

present participle of kid | The action of the verb kid. | (agriculture) The act of a goat giving birth.

How To Use Kidding In A Sentence?

  • We are to manage it so that he will get the impression that the girl has been amusing herself with him, that she has been kidding him along and playing this tenderloin game on the side.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Kidding | Kidding Sentence

  • I was only kidding anyway.
  • He was always kidding about it.
  • Then his manner changed a bit and he began kidding me.
  • What are you kidding around for, Rube?
  • He thinks he's happy, but he's simply kidding himself.
  • You weren't kidding about that, were you?
  • A lot of kidding about who's got any intelligence to test.

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