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  • And why should gypsies kidnap him?
  • Lemme kidnap you this very night.
  • Their next idea was to kidnap Bonaparte.
  • To kidnap the Vicar of Chuntsey, in Essex.
  • I'd off to Zanzibar, an' kidnap Tippoo Tib.
  • He had hired Mort Bemis and Ike Slump to kidnap her.
  • Acting quite in character the count then decided to kidnap her.
  • I am tempted to kidnap you and carry you off this moment to the steamer.
  • You might kidnap him and get him sobered up, only to lose him again.
  • There are no pirates nowadays, to try to kidnap bishops and burn farms.
  • Nan was game to kidnap the child, even from Tira's arms.

How To Use Kidnap In A Sentence?

  • But if they ever should have the luck to kidnap you, tell all you know at once.
  • At once they began to raid, to harry, and to kidnap the black races of the Soudan.
  • If she refuses to come, I shall make the necessary arrangements, and kidnap her.
  • He tried either to murder or kidnap you by means of the Zeppelin that came to Barborough.
  • Besides, it was amusing of him to fail to kidnap Lord Selkirk and steal a silver teapot instead.
  • Nor we either, Little Mother Coralie; and we shall never know why those men tried to kidnap you.
  • Some fifteen or more long-shoremen had invaded the ship, overcome the captain, tied him down and were about to kidnap his daughter.
  • Soon afterward he did kidnap the young person, but the mother was too quick for him, and almost immediately her child was in her own arms again.
  • When the babe was born the father and the two priests sent a Christian midwife to baptize and kidnap it.
  • Tell him that a plot to kidnap Feisul has been discovered at the last minute, but give him to understand that no suspicion rests on him.
  • That would be something like treachery, but it was treachery on his part to kidnap me while I was his guest....
  • I was chased out of the Yellow Empire with a broken arm, by agents of the same man who tried to kidnap you.
  • It is cheaper for that gangster Martinengo and his brothers to kidnap negroes, Indians and poor whites than to hire miners.
  • The hangman wanted them well out of the way, so they could not testify that he had helped to burn The Warren and to kidnap them.
  • Choiseul, through his spies, learned of the plot, and he tried in every way to kidnap the old lady or to out-bribe the du Barrys.
  • Did he intend to kidnap her and carry her away to his hiding-place in the mountains with the hungry rapacity of a bird of prey who returns from the plain to his nest on the heights?
  • There was a futile attempt to kidnap the child, Juanita, who was then about two years old, and Midwinter was in it.
  • I was not disposed to bother my head with the legal aspect of the case, for my ancient enemy certainly had no legal right to kidnap me, and make me a prisoner in his own house.

Definition of Kidnap

(transitive) To seize and detain a person unlawfully; sometimes for ransom. | An instance of kidnapping.
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