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Definition of Kit

(transitive) To assemble or collect something into kits or sets or to give somebody a kit. See also kit out and other derived phrases. | A school of pigeons, especially domesticated, trained pigeons.

How To Use Kit In A Sentence?

  • I have referred to a kit as being the proper arrangement for holding the negative.
  • So he got some plates and vessels from his travelling kit and emptied out the olives.
  • He fished out the first-aid kit and got some absorbent cotton and a disinfectant.
  • We were not allowed to bring anything besides our kit on board on account of the limited space.
  • Naval men are handling our cargo, our kit bags are packed and we are ready to disembark.
  • He stepped quickly to the kit bag, replaced the bottle and cap inside and closed it.
  • You see Kit for what she is: a pretty, good-natured creature bred in the gutter.
  • Ella walked by my side, holding my hand, while Kit led the way through the gloomy forest.
  • As briefly as possible, I told Kit what had occurred since he left the clearing.
  • The battle is also notable because the well-known scout, Kit Carson, took part in it.
  • First came the priest, then Kit Carson and his wife, who was a Mexican woman from Taos.
  • He had signed on the wharf on the morning the schooner sailed, and the only kit he had brought aboard was a rush cage with a canary.
  • He took from his kit some oiled rags and together with some old gunny sacking that he found in a corner, started to clean the machine.
  • In enlarging from films it is well to place them between two sheets of glass of proper size, and fasten the whole in the kit or negative-holder.
  • And then the professor taking his kit would with the bow extract from it some squeaky little air to the delight of Carefinotu.
  • I wept bitterly, and should have thrown myself upon his body if Kit had not sternly commanded me not to move.
  • For one thing he was in full evening dress, whereas the only other diners who were in evening kit at all wore dinner jackets and black ties.
  • I knew that Kit grieved at the loss of his old friend; but he was only grave and solemn, as he always was.
  • We sent our kit on ahead, and also my syce, who was mounted on a mule, in charge of part of the mounted infantry postmen.
  • The night before the party left, Ferdy packed his kit with the rest; but the next morning he was sick in his bed.
  • After dinner, my companions resumed their labors; but Kit directed me to commence carting the timber to the block house.
  • The first-aid kit was fastened to the tent wall where it would be handy, and Charley put the permanganate and the hypodermic syringe in his pocket.
  • Accordingly, an hour or two after the expedition had started from camp, I packed up a light kit and started for the sea-shore.
  • We had, luckily, escaped injury so far, and Kit was not the man to lead us into any unnecessary peril.
  • He prayed fervently and solemnly for both Kit and me, and I wept anew when he recounted the virtues of the deceased.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Kit | Kit Sentence

  • Hurriedly picking up my kit I chased away after them.
  • I wondered how Kit could keep so cool.
  • But Kit remained cross as a cat and would not smile.
  • There was a light in it, which assured me Kit was at home.
  • The whole kit and kaboodle of 'em.
  • The kit has all been inspected and we hope to land to-morrow some time.
  • There were several officers in Afion who had received their kit in this way.
  • The uproar died away as it was seen that Kit had not yet finished.
  • Later Madden heard him open his big kit bag and take something out.
  • You can carry on Matt's farm, with the help of Kit and me.
  • But Nature has endowed both Malim and Kit with extraordinary commonsense.
  • Before I had done so, Kit fired, and I heard an awful yell from the savages.
  • He picked somethin' shiny outen his kit and slipped it into a pocket.
  • Cupid," he says, "the hull kit and boodle of us'll come in on this.
  • I haven't many books, but Kit Hollis has; he is the man for you.

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