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  • Frederick kneeled and prayed.
  • He kneeled before the two men.
  • I kneeled down and seized her hands.
  • Jason kneeled and examined the grass.
  • He kneeled and stooped lower and lower.
  • While he kneeled he seemed to grow in size.
  • I kneeled beside him with no feelings other than kindness.
  • But at the side of the goat there kneeled a little girl.
  • I got up, kneeled beside him, and felt him all over.
  • She kneeled down and kissed Elizabeth.
  • And at that I kneeled fairly down.
  • At her side, clad in gleaming mail, kneeled a knight.
  • She kneeled there and her voice gave praise to God.
  • Count Hans kneeled beside the body, and tried to pray.
  • I kneeled and humbly thanked the three for helping me to die.
  • The little girl kneeled down by the bed and joined her hands together.
  • With these words he kneeled and begged his wife pitifully to save his life.
  • We sat or kneeled upon the ground in a sort of irregular semi-circle.
  • Together they kneeled and prayed to the Glory that shone above.
  • His barons and nobles, and the great officers of state, kneeled around him.
  • I ran to my fallen adversary, kneeled by him, and could only sob his name.
  • He kneeled to them and kissed Boyce's hand.
  • And I went forward and kneeled down before him and put my hands on his knees.
  • Boehmer kneeled at her feet, and Bossange followed his example.
  • He kneeled down on the turf, and, holding up his arms to heaven, prayed.
  • With that, he kneeled and made a very beautiful and Christian prayer.
  • She kneeled down beside that bed, and I knew she was praying for me.

How To Use Kneeled In A Sentence?

  • Quick tears blinded her, but she brushed them away and kneeled by the wounded soldier.
  • Her glance stole to him as he kneeled there, and he felt it on him, so that he looked up.
  • Gerande went to her accustomed bench, and kneeled with profound and simple reverence.
  • He kneeled down and adjusted his gun, just as he would have done in a practising-ground.
  • This was the pecuniary compensation which the emancipated Catholics kneeled to present him.
  • Then he kneeled about ten feet from the open window, darkened to within a foot of the bottom.
  • Then he kneeled down, gently lifted the small hand outside the coverlet, and kissed it.
  • Dr. Frank approached the bed and kneeled down and addressed his mother tenderly.
  • At last she reached it, and kneeled down, trembling with fear, to pluck some roses.
  • They kneeled for prayer; and the venerable father bore their petitions before the Lord.
  • And when she had thought that, Daisy kneeled down; and she never had any more trouble about it.
  • And when the battle was all ended, the king kneeled down and thanked God meekly.
  • The Kentuckians in the front rank kneeled down, with their hands on the triggers of their rifles.

Definition of Kneeled

simple past tense and past participle of kneel
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