Knew This In A Sentence

How To Use Knew This In A Sentence?

  • He knew this type of man like a brother.
  • He knew this world; there was no novelty here for him.
  • He knew this, but he could not help it.
  • Yet she knew this would help to clear up the situation.
  • And since you knew this, why did you conceal it from me?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Knew This | Knew This Sentence

  • Kateri knew this and more.
  • Then he knew this was not so.
  • Sorez knew this was the end.
  • Mowbray knew this was true.
  • He knew this was the end.
  • Pete knew this only too well.
  • Every man knew this.
  • Ashby knew this was not true.
  • Truedale knew this to be true.
  • He knew this for a certainty.
  • She knew this thoroughfare.
  • Yet he knew this had not been the case.
  • She knew this woman to be her mother.
  • They all knew this was now the matter of his thoughts.
  • But now she knew this was not in human nature.
  • Ellen knew this and was touched to tears.
  • The great musicians knew this.
  • Keith knew this could not be true.
  • He knew this and believed it with all his heart.
  • Great inventors in all ages knew this.
  • Russia knew this and was diligently preparing for it.
  • She knew this man loved her.
  • Dick knew this without looking behind.
  • She knew this was violating the etiquette of dancing.
  • Caius knew this with the unerring knowledge of instinct.
  • I knew this worthy man well.
  • They knew this section was held by women!
  • Lydia knew this was the path that led to the necklace.
  • Eve knew this and was always glad of a few lines.
  • They knew this from the very first day after the wedding.
  • No one knew this young man.
  • I knew this would come out soon or late.
  • Charlesworth knew this, but made no remark.
  • Clyffurde knew this, nor did he attempt any explanation.
  • A man told me the other day that he knew this for a fact.
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