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  • The knobs on the ends shrank until they became pointed.
  • At first he saw nothing but the three knobs that had been used.
  • The slender stems are called stalks or filaments and the knobs anthers.
  • This done, he turned his attention to the numerous knobs on the wall.
  • She opened all the drawers, pressed all the knobs in the carved brasswork.
  • It shut with a bang, with all its iron knobs and locks rattling.
  • The handles were like gold cords, and the covers had knobs of gilt grapes.

How To Use Knobs In A Sentence?

  • Harold was twiddling with some knobs mounted on the dashboard of the junked car.
  • The same knobs on its bow, one now leaping and pulsing with the paralyzing glow.
  • He tried again, forcing the rubber knobs against his ears until they seemed to sink into his head.
  • They were strengthened at the centre by a circular boss or disk, ornamented with knobs or circles.
  • So the men made shafts with larger knobs and they put girdles around the smooth shafts.
  • When they used shafts with knobs and large joints, it was easy to keep a firm hold.
  • The wires should be drawn taut, and supported by cleats or knobs at least every four feet.
  • From its bow, he saw, peculiar knobs jutted, the function of which he guessed with dread.
  • From behind him where he had been concealing it, he drew forth a square box studded with knobs and dials.
  • Ippolita sat very scared on her throne, and endured what she could by catching firmly to the knobs of it and blinking her eyes.
  • Within the corolla are found several bodies having long, slender stems with yellow knobs on their tips.
  • In every direction through the snow-mist similar bald knobs could be seen looming against the darkening sky.
  • Then he placed several of the shining knobs at the back of his head, and ran a long wire around his waist.
  • Emma from time to time cooled her cheeks with the palms of her hands, and cooled these again on the knobs of the huge fire-dogs.
  • Brook quickly turned towards his gadgets and frantically started to press buttons, turn knobs and adjust levers.
  • When the key was held down for a longer period a long spark passed between the brass knobs of the spark-gap and a dash was thus transmitted.
  • And these knobs of gold, within and without, and the strange shape the tortured glass has been made to take.
  • When the alfalfa bacteria are abundant, the plant flourishes and gathers nitrogen in knobs and bunches in its roots and in the joints of its stems.
  • Wrap some cotton wool, containing as much powdered resin as it will hold, about one of the knobs of a discharging-rod.
  • Bob regarded him inquiringly, his fingers reaching for the knobs on the instrument box before him, preparatory to sending out his signal call.
  • Little Em's knees and elbows were knobs in the midst of limbs of unnatural length.
  • Her first attempt was a failure, and she bit her lips in chagrin and hurt her delicate hands tugging vainly at various knobs and slides.
  • The projections or knobs at the corners of old-fashioned cradles, and the ornamented balls commonly found surmounting the backs of old chairs.
  • The firelight shone out brightly, trembling on the knobs and handles, and lurking in great strength on the under surface of the chimney-piece.
  • His thick hands tugged and wrestled with stubborn knobs that finally yielded, enabling him to apply greater thrust to his stern rockets.
  • Two small knobs of brass, which serve as clappers, hang by silk strings, one between each two bells.
  • To secure smoothness, and to lower the unnatural knobs that are sure to appear, beat the animal from time to time with a flat club.
  • But everything was white enamel and brass knobs at the poorest, for there was confidence to give hope; strength and love to lend it color.
  • The sound of that voice, Malone reflected, was enough to give anybody double revolving pneumonia with knobs on.
  • When drawing near the valley of Ungerengeri, granite knobs and protuberances of dazzling quartz showed their heads above the reddish soil.
  • The boat moved swiftly, the controlling mechanism consisting of three little knobs on the outside of the box containing the Cardite.
  • There was a sort of cord, with large knobs upon it, at different distances, which was hung like a bell cord from the back side of the berth.
  • Shir K'han adjusted knobs and switches on the vehicle's control board, until he had produced the desired setting.

Definition of Knobs

plural of knob
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