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How To Use Knocker In A Sentence?

  • Ben made vague resolves to try the knocker once more and then hurry for the warehouse.
  • There was a large knocker in the middle of the door, and a bell on one side of it.
  • He hammered loudly at the knocker and pulled at the bell, but without any success.
  • Nora rapped the knocker until the sound seemed doubly loud, reverberating in the dusk.
  • But I did not meet him, so I knocked at the brass knocker of his ivy-green door.
  • He pointed to the door, and as he did so there was again the thunder of the knocker and the whirr of the electric bell.
  • We had not been back in our chambers more than a few minutes when the little brass knocker on the inner door rattled out its summons.
  • But she did not ring, nor did she touch the circlet the brass lion of a knocker held obligingly in his mouth.
  • I lifted the heavy brass knocker very cautiously, for it was ponderous enough to have reverberated through the house.
  • A shadow darkened the window, and a moment afterward there was a fall of the old silver knocker on her door.
  • He had not left more than five minutes when a soft and elaborate rat-tat from the little brass knocker brought my heart into my mouth.
  • There is no knocker in existence, we may fairly state, that has been handled by so many distinguished people as this one.
  • A fourteenth rag baby, with a china head, hung by her neck from the rusty knocker in the middle of the door.
  • From the bang of the knocker I knew that the street door had been shut by some person who had left the house.
  • He tried the front door to walk in, neighbor-fashion, but it resisted him, and then he let the knocker fall.
  • Twelve o'clock had scarce rung out over London, ere the knocker sounded very gently on the door.
  • Having lifted the knocker and let it fall, the two men stood gazing with varying degrees of attention at the closed white-painted old door.
  • After they had said good-night, and the colonel, indeed, was in his bed, she heard the knocker clang and slipped down the stairs to answer.
  • In a moment I was at Wolstang's lodgings, and set the knocker agoing with violence.
  • I therefore plied the knocker with my right hand, and kept the bell ringing with my left until I heard the door chain rattle within.
  • As they stood before the door at last and waited, after beating the great iron knocker on the iron plate, a kind of despair came down on Marjorie.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Knocker | Knocker Sentence

  • The knocker resounded.
  • The knocker to the door was muffled.
  • I seized the knocker and rapped sharply.
  • On the door of it was an enormous knocker of brass.
  • He did not stop to lift the brass knocker this time.
  • That the knocker banged five times before it stopped.
  • The knocker fell twice, with a resonant clang.
  • And, as he spoke, the brass knocker sounded on the door.
  • A quick tap on the knocker brought Mary Howe to the door.
  • Again the knocker fell, and again Mrs. Byass appeared.
  • Then he rapped vigorously at the knocker to announce his arrival.
  • Someone was using the diminutive knocker on the sitting-room door.
  • What souvenir of a great man can compete with the knocker of his door?
  • Instead she found a brass knocker in the shape of an ugly carved face.
  • There is no knocker to the plain-living, high-thinking house.
  • This is a good house; look at the knocker and the electric bell.
  • There was an old and heavy knocker on the door, and a huge bell-pull.
  • As he stood there, waiting his arrival, the knocker caught his eye.
  • As Scrooge looked fixedly at this phenomenon, it was a knocker again.

Definition of Knocker

A device, usually hinged with a striking plate, used for knocking on a door. | A person who knocks. | (informal, derogatory) A person who knocks (denigrates) something.
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