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  • You do not know how it affects her.
  • But you do not know half of it.
  • Emily did not seem to know what she was going to do.
  • I did not myself know how much until a few days ago.
  • Indeed, he did not know what life fate had willed him for.
  • I know he suffered, poor old man.
  • I did not know what I was saying.
  • I know all that is passing between you and Hubert.
  • You know that I cannot betray my friend.
  • I know I did nothing with the young girl.
  • You do not know Emily; she is strangely sensitive.
  • No; I do not know the country at all well.
  • Oh, Julia, you do not know me.
  • Do you know anything about Mr. Price?
  • I don't know who it belonged to.
  • I don't know how it all happened.
  • He doesn't know what to make of it.
  • You know she's busy and out of the house most of the time.
  • I don't know if it is in a fit state to show you.
  • You know that he must be a very wicked man for uncle to have disinherited him.
  • I scarcely know which amazes me the more, its littleness or its grandeur.
  • I don't exactly know how doctors describe it in diagnosis.
  • But I know that all my life every one has been plotting against me.
  • You can't quite know what I shall do with it.
  • I don't look it, I know ...
  • And I don't know whether I like you better or not.
  • Oh, I'm so excited that I don't know what I'm doing!

How To Use Know In A Sentence?

  • This is the only way in which we know it, and not from the direct testimony of consciousness.
  • But he commands what we cannot do, whereby we know what we ought to ask of him.
  • I should have to find another companion for her; and you know how difficult that would be.
  • He did not know where or how to apply for work, and he tired himself in fruitless endeavour.
  • I know a man is now walking before me; does this prove that he could not help walking?
  • But normally, in the latter stages of its flight, the jingal bullet lets you know it is coming.
  • There she sat unconcerned, and I had to break it to her and did not know how to begin.
  • And how was anyone to know what Rosamond Merton might think of such swift intimacies?
  • He did not seem to know himself, and it was difficult to believe that he really intended to leave the house in this disreputable fashion.
  • But if we know anything, we know that all present events are not necessitated, and hence, all future events will not be necessitated.
  • Well, anyone would know you used a bath-brush and took care of your hair," she ended lamely.
  • I know him, anyway, and he engaged a couple of dances with me when I met him in the corridor going over to your room.
  • But Julia bore patiently with her and did not leave her until Hubert sent to know why his dinner was delayed.

Definition of Know

(transitive) To perceive the truth or factuality of; to be certain of or that. | (transitive) To be aware of; to be cognizant of. | (transitive) To be acquainted or familiar with; to have encountered.
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