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  • Likely to be known here.
  • Both were well known to her.
  • I have not known these strangers nor their fathers.
  • I was doomed never to be properly known there.
  • I made known who I was, and why I came there.
  • Dean Sage was the best citizen I have known in America.
  • It is announced that the picture represents a well known local merchant.
  • And a very bad gait it was, if she had but known it, poor woman!
  • He was personally as well known in England as any native composer.
  • And yet, of course, it was there that the Misses Brooke had known him.
  • In this neighborhood I am known by the name of the Black Woodsman.
  • The man no longer resembled any known beast of the Old or New Worlds.
  • As he's been known to the claim so long, his word ought to have weight.

How To Use Known In A Sentence?

  • Fond parents have been known to forbid their daughters marrying soldiers on this very account.
  • It was a spot well known to me in the course of the aquatic expeditions of my boyhood.
  • Gray had determined beforehand what to say, but he had not known it would be so difficult.
  • I have known enough of notoriety to pity the poor devils who are called favorites of the public.
  • I had never known the want of money, and had never adverted to the possibility of such an evil.
  • A dream three times repeated was never known to lie; and if so, his fortune was made.
  • I have great respect for mounted infantrymen, but I have known them spin yarns.
  • And now that at last I was really in the hall, I should not have known it again.
  • Very little is known concerning the Malayan people who mingled with almost every Oriental stock.
  • When his companions had dispersed, Buckthorne drew him aside and made Himself known to him.
  • Yet I said just now I could not have married him even if I had known it would save his life.
  • He is known to the public as a humorist, but he has much more in him that is earnest than that is humorous.
  • But men we had known and trails we had followed furnished us plenty of grist for the conversational mill.
  • I have known the red cloth of the typical lama's robe adapted to these purposes.
  • Davidson was known to visit in her places that no one else could find and that hardly anybody had ever heard of.
  • But if he had known me he would have known that I was no more capable of wronging him than he was of wronging me.
  • Mamma had long known how to disciplin children, for in fact the bringing up of children had been one of her specialties for many years.
  • I've known a young dog to get on a hot trail, and follow it until he was completely lost.
  • I have not known the excitement of "first nights," nor the striving and the craving for an artistic ideal.
  • The hardship of such a conclusion would be still more apparent in regard to the conduct of a man whose general character is well known to be good.
  • We are all marked men, known and described at every gate and military post, and village church-door.
  • How far such a display of the divine character is necessary to the ends of the moral government of God can be known only to himself.
  • All the ladies bore down upon it at once, dug up the family history to its farthest known point, and divided the subject among them.
  • The only man who had ever been known to catch the pony when he was free was his own syce, whom his master had left at Chaksam.
  • Yes, it was the master, the strong master who was never known to raise his voice, the man blindly obeyed and never questioned.
  • The trite expression "from the known to the unknown" is good pedagogy, but there must be a "known" on which to build.
  • From her startled glance, I think not even the red-haired young lady had known that he possessed so beautiful a voice.

Definition of Known

Identified as a specific type; renowned, famous. | Researched, accepted, familiar. | past participle of know
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