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  • Many have known the experience.
  • And we have known the splendours of our will.
  • If she had only known the truth.
  • Genan has known the place.
  • It is now known the country over.
  • How had he known the man was dead?
  • Elizabeth had never before known the joy of it.
  • This is the sign by which they are known the world over.
  • I myself had not known the gravity of the situation.
  • Yoritomo had known the truth all along.
  • He had known the dead girl all his life.
  • But then he had not even known the man was dead.
  • She had never known the ills of poverty.
  • They had never before known the outer air.
  • We had not known the like for many years.
  • How few had known the thrill of successful authorship!
  • Saltese made known the grievance of the tribes.
  • She had known the great secret in my heart.
  • I have known the rustling of a leaf startle you.
  • He had not yet known the smell of the earth.
  • I should never have known the coat was torn.
  • Curly had known the plains and the mountains all his life.
  • He has long known the habits and character of the criminal.
  • She must have known the bottom steps were gone.
  • He had long known the name of the land in which he lived.
  • An hour suffices to make known the villain.
  • He had never known the tender solicitude of a woman.
  • And the better known, the more adored.
  • You might have known the natives would talk.
  • She knew now why she had never known the joy of battle.
  • Insofar as is known, the other species are mute.
  • He then proceeded to make known the object of his embassy.
  • Whoever had done it must have known the forest intimately.
  • Thou hast known the sublimest fulfilment of joy.
  • Had he known the answer he would have held his tongue.

How To Use Known The In A Sentence?

  • He had not known the sum would be quite so large.
  • Once that was known, the clue might be obtained.
  • Had she but known the Pretender he was!
  • I have known the author long, and love him much.
  • As he said, she had foreseen, she had known the answer.
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