Knows Who In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Knows Who | Knows Who Sentence

  • Who knows who she is?
  • Nobody knows who she is again.
  • Heaven only knows who stopped it.
  • Sequitah knows who speaks?
  • He knows who elected him.
  • But nobody knows who he is.
  • Who knows who the others may be!
  • Nobody knows who wrote these manuscripts.
  • Goodness knows who looks after her place.
  • No one knows who the lady is.
  • He knows who will come into possession of it.
  • No one knows who you are or whence you came.
  • Nobody knows who it is, but those few in the secret.
  • No one knows who coined the name.
  • Who knows? who dares hope?
  • No one knows who will guard the things not to be told.
  • It knows; who runs may read.
  • He knows, or thinks he knows, who is.
  • She knows who did it, but fears to tell us the truth.
  • Nobody knows who wrote either, nor when, nor where.
  • But no one knows who Gevartius was.
  • Moreover the crowd of Goodness knows who had increased.
  • Many a time Mr. Nobody-knows-who had confided it to Mrs.
  • Oh, and old Lord Lackington, and Heaven knows who!
  • They were all found and named so long ago that nobody knows who did it.
  • Such obscure people: one never knows who they are or what they are!
  • Only that they kill quick, and no one knows who is a pirate and who is not.
  • No one knows who rules the country, or what is the form of government.
  • He knows who will come, who will not come, but will send regrets.
  • To lookers on, they may appear soldiers; but the soldier knows who they are.
  • He talked about his "father in heaven," but nobody knows who he is.
  • Sidney Prale knows who his enemies are, and why they are troubling him.
  • Not even the host knows who he is; or, at least, makes that he does not.
  • She knows who I am?" he asked.
  • And He knows who from a cross Pledged return for every loss.
  • To-day we command; to-morrow, God knows who may fill our place.
  • It was so old a ship--who knows, who knows?

How To Use Knows Who In A Sentence?

  • He knows the path of the sublime wind in the heights, he knows who sits at the sacrifice.
  • And if somebody (Who knows who,), unespied, Were to enter my garden to gather a rose?
  • But God knows who was wrong'd; For he that did it did escape, And he did not was Hang'd.
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