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  • The squares must be labeled as in the diagram.
  • His actions have been freely labeled usurpation.
  • In its public aspect we have labeled the problem, conservation.
  • Even more intriguing, however, was the row of neatly labeled boxes on a shelf.
  • In 1768 edition this passage is labeled SCENE II.
  • Two of the illustrations were labeled "FIG.

How To Use Labeled In A Sentence?

  • Isabel lifted out a small brown paper package, labeled in a cramped handwriting.
  • We are still planting all nuts received, labeled with the name and address of the sender.
  • Our egg, mineral, fossil, and shell cabinets are all pretty well filled with labeled specimens.
  • A tulip seed is no less the sheath of a flower because through mistake somebody has labeled it as common timothy.
  • These tubes are encased in black walnut, and each labeled with the name of the county from which the strata have been taken.
  • At international expositions a small bar of it might be seen in a case labeled "silver from clay.
  • They come with other objects, labeled in the same way and forming one of a series of numbers among thousands.
  • If they are made in cleanly fashion, contain no harmful ingredients and are truthfully labeled there is no reason for objecting to them.
  • Scats were identified, labeled and dried; all bones and samples of hair were later removed from each scat.
  • But that strange girl failed to realize how much of scorn for a thing she labeled her own cowardice, she put into her words that night.
  • The approach of the better seventeenth-century Virginia physician can be labeled scientific even if his facts were few.
  • Which meant that everything was jim-dandy as long as the wiring diagrams were labeled in the Cyrillic alphabet.
  • All containers in which pasteurized milk is delivered to the consumer shall be plainly labeled "Pasteurized".
  • Just as Connor tagged and labeled his idea with this aphorism, so she felt that Connor himself was tagged by them.
  • A freshly-made implement, looking as if cut out by machinery, resembling closely those just described, is labeled Kadiak.
  • But, whereas the original drawing has been labeled entirely in Cyrillic characters, these labels were now in English.
  • Whole villages were "converted," baptized, and labeled as good Catholics in a day's time.
  • In glass cases were some labeled fragments of boots and batons, and other suggestive relics and remembrances of casualties on Mount Blanc.
  • The obdurate guard had refused to take their labeled luggage out, and it was whirled on to London to be sent back by Dodo on arrival.
  • Most clubs in New York are labeled as "exclusive" because they exclude certain people who do not measure up to their standards of wealth.
  • There are over forty specimens of these aerolites (air-stones) in the British Museum, labeled with the times and places of their fall.
  • And they would put the body labeled 4901 in the tank, dissolve it into dissociated cells and they would subject those cells to the electro-magnetic field of 4901.
  • Even those who upheld the introduction of the roads advocated them for only short distances out of Paris; a long trunk route they labeled as an absurdity.
  • Mr. Dall collected a large number of two-pegged sticks from Nunivak Island and four three-pegged sticks labeled the same.
  • Only Sssuri and a few others of youthful years would consider a journey to explore the long-forbidden section their traditions labeled as dangerous land.
  • The pupil labeled hopeless may react in quick and lively fashion when the thing-in-hand seems to him worth while, as some out-of-school sport or social affair.

Definition of Labeled

Having a label, tagged. | Defined or described. | (chemistry) Having an atom replaced by a radioactive isotope
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