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  • And very laborious work.
  • It is a laborious operation.
  • Its bishops are laborious and active.
  • It is a laborious but an interesting process.
  • In this unthankful and laborious life?
  • No office is too menial or too laborious for him.
  • His college life was laborious and successful.
  • This was always a somewhat laborious task.
  • You meantime are as nobly laborious as ever.
  • The next day was a laborious one.
  • But this laborious process is only a means to an end.
  • Stenson made his laborious way to their side.
  • To forego delights and live laborious evenings.
  • The task is laborious and delicate, but not impossible.
  • He lived a long, laborious and useful life.
  • In the Museum we spend two laborious days.
  • We pass Our lives in most laborious idleness.
  • He went his harmless, fearless, laborious way unmolested.
  • If he is not a laborious man, I am also deceived.
  • Chrysippus was a man of immense productivity and laborious scholarship.
  • Numbers of slaves were charged with the most laborious kinds of work.
  • He was made to busy himself in the most laborious and slavish occupations.
  • Nettie laid down the little black frock out of her laborious hands.
  • Every one was a laborious and accurate study of some particular spot.
  • Once established, there was nothing specially laborious or notable about it.
  • Outwardly, she was behaving with rather rusty and laborious civility.
  • What is in us the laborious conquest of liberty, is in him his very nature.
  • It bears unequivocal marks also of laborious imitation throughout.
  • There is nothing but close reasoning, hard and laborious discussion.
  • They led a hardier, more laborious life and were proud of the fact.
  • The same is true when resting in the field or shop, after laborious exercise.
  • My father earns a laborious living by making me keep a whiskey shop.
  • This we are informed of by the learned and laborious Pasquier.

How To Use Laborious In A Sentence?

  • From that convent they go out to perform their laborious ministrations in these islands.
  • Milton could never have been what he was without profound and laborious erudition.
  • He had been qualified for the encounter of gigantic dangers by no laborious education.
  • She sat rapt in that laborious quiet as if her busy fingers were under some spell.
  • We continued a few miles further, walking being very laborious without snowshoes.
  • Hence we see what an amazing number of the laborious class of mankind is among us.
  • Must not the very devil feel a soft emotion to see his disinterested and laborious service?

Definition of Laborious

Requiring much physical effort; toilsome. | Mentally difficult; painstaking. | Industrious.
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