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  • It was as though five labyrinths lay side by side.

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  • Here in the muddy labyrinths she came upon tench, olive-green fish, with black back.
  • Would not their minds be better satisfied in discovering truth than in wandering in the labyrinths of darkness?
  • In a trade where there are labyrinths of insincerity, interviewing is about the most simple and the most sincere thing there is.
  • Five weeks were now spent in the labyrinths of the strait which has since borne the leader's name.
  • We have grasped many clews, and followed them far into labyrinths of darkness, but not yet through into light.
  • The agony of her spirit, involved in endless and horrid labyrinths of doubt, is powerfully portrayed.
  • Deep shafts have been sunk in the rocks; labyrinths of underground galleries have been dug out where coal may be raised or minerals extracted.
  • All the labyrinths of the declension of articles, nouns and adjectives in three genders and plurals, lay before me to be explored.
  • How delightful is it, after passing through the dark labyrinths of human folly to sit at thy feet and drink in the lessons of heavenly wisdom!
  • In the larger gardens might also be found labyrinths and aviaries, with bright-plumaged birds from the East.
  • In the hands of its devotees it grows technical and complex, as do all efforts of thought, and to pursue philosophy bravely and faithfully is to encounter obstacles and labyrinths innumerable.
  • The microscopical distinctions of the schools, the thin notes of a metaphysical theology are woven in and out through the labyrinths of grave sermons that run hours long upon the still air of the wilderness.
  • Looking through these rich labyrinths of tree and moss-covered rock, it was difficult to imagine that winter could ever -stamp its frozen image upon such a soft summer scene.

Definition of Labyrinths

plural of labyrinth
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