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  • You should see me lacing up my mistress.
  • Dill was smiling down at the lacing of his shoes.
  • Halsa stood before him lacing and interlacing her fingers.
  • Talk of lacing too tight, indeed!
  • Andy was nearby, bending over, lacing up his shoe.
  • McClintock on one knee lacing a shoepack grinned at him.
  • Up jumped Ida, from lacing her boots by the fire.
  • We can readily see, then, the effect of lacing or tight clothing.
  • The tying, or lacing of these skeins, had been Pierre's work.

How To Use Lacing In A Sentence?

  • After the lacing was cut the edge of the canvas was secured to the under edges of the gunwales.
  • The cord for lacing should harmonize in quality and color with the rest of your design.
  • Leather lacing forms a knot which causes the lights to flicker at each revolution of the belt.
  • A waist less than this proportion indicates compression either by lacing or tight clothing.
  • Amik, during the summer, had made a number of snowshoe frames, and now the women were lacing them.
  • A few Indian beads of bright color strung on the lacing strings will add greatly to the effect.
  • Father Anton had come forward a little timorously, lacing and unlacing his fingers.
  • The river, whose delta they had earlier seen, made a half loop about the city, lacing it in.
  • The canoe was then turned deck upward and the lacing tightened, while we carefully worked out all wrinkles in the cloth.
  • One half the cases of consumption in females may be traced to the wearing of stays, and lacing them too tight.
  • Any attempt at concealing pregnancy, by tight lacing and the application of a stronger busk, cannot be too severely condemned.
  • The contents are confined by a lacing of cords, that goes from side to side across the top, which is otherwise open.
  • Finally pass the end of the lacing through the first hole used, then outward through an awl hole, then hammering it down to cause it to hold.
  • The putting of the left shoe on the right foot, lacing it wrong, or losing a button, are all bad signs.
  • This style of dress prevailed, with various modifications, until about 1810, when corsets and tight lacing again returned with threefold fury.
  • In lacing a shoe, a wooden needle is used, but the eye, instead of being at one end, is in the centre.
  • Ruth spread her arms before her, clasping and lacing her fingers together, her head thrown a little back, as if in intensest suffering.
  • A flat drum, made by stretching goat-hide over a wide hoop, and tightened by lacing crosswise around the edge with a cord of the same hide.
  • The sea kicked backward in long, speedy trails of foam, lacing the surface of a grey-green waste of waves....
  • Indian women dry it and use it in a number of ways, especially for packing about the little naked bodies of their babies when lacing them to their cradle boards.
  • It is necessary to guard against birds as breeders which have a rusty brown lacing on the breast and under the wings, also those which have a wing-bow laced with brown.
  • The evils of tight lacing are so pronounced that it would seem almost unnecessary to remonstrate against them in this age of enlightenment, were they not so continually forced upon our view.
  • Then with a large needle and strong twine we sewed both edges of the cloth together with long stitches, lacing the canvas over the frame as a shoe is laced over a foot.
  • Watered not your mouth in that game of ball when the strain of her deep breathing and the violent turning and twisting of her lithe body burst the lacing of her corsage and half her fair bosom broke covert?
  • Now proceed to pass the lacing through the holes of the belt in a zigzag course, leaving all the strands inside the belt parallel with the belt, and all the strands outside the belt oblique.

Definition of Lacing

present participle of lace | That with which something is laced. | The tied or threaded laces that form a netlike pattern.
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