Lady Who In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lady Who | Lady Who Sentence

  • The lady who saved him!
  • Here was a lady who fell on her feet!
  • His beautiful lady who loved him!
  • Give this to the lady who has listened to me so patiently.
  • It was the old lady who spoke.
  • A lady who lives in the hotel?
  • Did you see the lady who just passed?
  • I saved a young lady who was a passenger.
  • I know a lady who was undergoing analysis.
  • We give a letter from the lady who was cured.
  • I tried to be agreeable to a lady who was next me.
  • I read the other day of a lady who had a pet dog.
  • Prayer was asked for a young lady who was wholly blind.
  • A preacher had in his congregation an old lady who was ill.
  • She proceeded to describe the lady who stole her husband.
  • I know a lady who sings only at her sewing-machine.
  • A lady who was with him was not very well, he said.
  • A noble lady, who is an assassin.
  • The old lady who opened the door eyed them sharply.
  • Well, is this the young lady who reached too high?
  • The stout old lady who is eating too much is her mother.
  • She was a young lady who lived in Westbridge.
  • She is an elderly maiden lady who "keeps house" for me.
  • The young lady, who was taking her hat off, left the room.
  • In faith I think that it is the lady who is neglecting me.
  • Mr. Champneys had wanted a lady who was a church member.
  • I think I know a lady who will take charge of her.
  • Dona Sol; that great lady who makes so much talk.
  • Succor young lady, who is not Mrs. Hamblin.
  • Such conduct is disrespectful to the lady who accompanies him.
  • Did you hear what he did about that young lady who is living with him?
  • Then he made a most happy marriage with the lady who survives him.
  • Who is the fortunate lady who has bound you with her silken fetters?
  • There is a lady who has spent twenty years of her life here.
  • What mattered it to a young lady who felt herself above flirtations?

How To Use Lady Who In A Sentence?

  • I was here three nights ago with a lady who beat me up.
  • This agent was a lady who did not know that she was betraying an old friend.
  • I am talking about the sweet old lady who came in a carriage.
  • In the window appeared a very beautiful lady who seemed to expect him.
  • It must prove attractive and useful for any lady who reads it.
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