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How To Use Ladylike In A Sentence?

  • Shopping in the camp bazaar was the ladylike way in which we often spent our mornings.
  • No woman is entitled to any more attention than her loveliness and ladylike conduct will command.
  • They remarked her light skin and delicate features, her ladylike form and neat dress.
  • She was then, as always, carefully and becomingly dressed, and of ladylike self-possession.
  • I have, it seems, driven him out of a gentlemanly residence, and I must give him a ladylike one.
  • She didn't seem to think, however, that Sylvie's mechanical skills were ladylike accomplishments.
  • I found Marian Harrison; pushed her button, and heard her ladylike snore from the speaker.
  • Mr. Baily thought to himself how ladylike it was in Mrs. Smily to object to taxidermy.
  • Barwood was conscious that he did not always interest her, although she never showed anything but the most ladylike attention.
  • Gertrude made an effort to recover her habitual ladylike reserve, but her energy failed before she had done more than raise her head.
  • The chain of ladylike sympathy that passed about the table at this declaration was broken only when its ends converged on Vernon.
  • At one of the lower windows, a woman at work; at one above, a lady hemming a ruff or some such ladylike thing.
  • And when one follows him through his recorded career, even Achilles seems a bit ladylike beside him!
  • Mark Ambient went on, while my thoughts reverted to his ladylike wife, as interpreted by his remarkable sister.
  • And say, when she'd straightened her lid and pulled herself together, she was as ladylike an old party as you'd want to meet.
  • He thinks he's too nice to mix with the likes of us; he says as how we won't know how to blow the loot ladylike and decent.
  • So they went into the library and conversed, with every conventional flourish, until Amelia set the pace of retirement by a ladylike yawn.
  • She was still trying to decide whether the suffrage movement was ladylike and whether Dickens or Thackeray was the better novelist.
  • O dear sir, the vain hours I have spent trying to instil into her a little ladylike languor, a soft and feminine meekness!
  • Now Mrs. Luttrell was a soulless but ladylike nonentity, with an eye naturally blind to the soul in her girls.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ladylike | Ladylike Sentence

  • It is not ladylike to serve.
  • Bee was in a cold ladylike fury.
  • Soft and ladylike as its name suggests.
  • Most graceful and ladylike of descents!
  • Behind him there were two ladylike squeals.
  • She had been the supreme performer of ladylike parts.
  • Other girls were ladylike and soft-spoken.
  • One or two ladylike landscapes leaned against the wall.
  • That you had married a quiet, ladylike girl.
  • Miss Ford began to laugh, a ladylike yet nasty laugh.
  • No, F-l-c-t-y, it is not ladylike to chew tobacco.
  • But when I'm not pleased I'm not too ladylike to say so.
  • Request them to do so in a polite and ladylike or gentlemanly manner.
  • Susannahs, as a rule, try to be ladylike and interesting.
  • Express, within ladylike limits, your appreciation of this generosity.
  • Of course, it's perfectly ladylike to make it dark.
  • They've caught Elliot in a most ladylike way.
  • She was as composed, as dignified, as essentially ladylike as Clyde herself.
  • For such abandoned miscreants hangin' is too dom ladylike a punishment.
  • An excellent--severe--most ladylike woman.

Definition of Ladylike

Of or related to the appearance or behaviour of a well-mannered woman.
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