Laggards In A Sentence

How To Use Laggards In A Sentence?

  • There were no laggards now; every boy was in his seat before the desk-bell had been struck.
  • The sheds were reached when racing began in earnest, for no laggards here had any chance of success.
  • The laggards had caught up, and at the edge of the arc of firelight a wide semicircle of insanely glaring eyeballs and gleaming fangs told where the wolf-pack waited.
  • The doors were closed, but the bar was still noisy, and the laggards slipped out cautiously by the side door, where a barman kept watch for the police.
  • The minutes, long though each tarried, were slipping away and provided his train was punctual, the passage of five more of these laggards would see him safe.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Laggards | Laggards Sentence

  • Hence there were no laggards at dinner.
  • Let cowards and laggards fall back!
  • At sunset the last of the laggards is back in the nest.
  • As he caught sight of the two laggards he beckoned them peremptorily.

Definition of Laggards

plural of laggard
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