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  • From what he had laid out!
  • It was oddly laid out.
  • And so the tour was laid out.
  • They are all laid out in the library.
  • He was laid out in the surgery.
  • Are my clothes laid out?
  • He laid out the food in silence.
  • It was laid out and improved in 1840.
  • Before them were laid out the various dishes.
  • Newport was not laid out as a village until 1839.
  • Fresh clothing was laid out in his chamber.
  • The kraal is exceedingly well laid out.
  • I laid out my things on the bank and dried them.
  • The park and grounds are beautifully laid out.
  • Disposed: arranged or laid out.
  • It was laid out like a garden-city.
  • This town is laid out on a very extensive scale.
  • Especially well laid out were the cooking arrangements.
  • She laid out a programme to occupy her days.
  • There were no nice things laid out for his behoof.
  • I thought ye was plumb laid out.
  • At last she laid out a definite course for herself.
  • He laid out package after package on the floor.
  • The streets are wide and are laid out at right angles.
  • The design was laid out with a stilus on a copper plate.
  • The feast was laid out on a large flat basket.
  • We laid out the streets through the pines ...
  • Here we soon selected a site and laid out our camp.
  • The chap who laid out this town must have been crazy!
  • The town is well laid out with fine fruit-gardens.
  • He laid out in house and land about one thousand guineas.
  • The child was laid out, decked and ready.
  • A table laid out for four occupied very little space.
  • I've tried to do my duty as it's been laid out for me.
  • We've laid out a power o' money on it.

How To Use Laid Out In A Sentence?

  • Right at her back there was pen, ink, and paper laid out.
  • We say the cows laid out Boston.
  • En route, I laid out my course.
  • In 1849 came to Brazil and laid out plans for a colony.
  • For missionary purposes have been laid out L74, 18s.

Definition of Laid Out

simple past tense and past participle of lay out
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