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  • They were lambent flames!
  • Cras lambent hilares æquor Ætesiæ.
  • Those below saw the flash of his lambent eyes.
  • His lambent brown eyes glowed with humour.
  • The world shook mystical in lambent bliss.
  • Then she soared, lambent as flame.
  • From it the lambent torrent poured; billowed down upon us.
  • The lambent flames leaped ominously in Winford's eyes.

How To Use Lambent In A Sentence?

  • His words were like a lambent flame, playing with some indestructible material.
  • We were shaken by the vivid, lambent excitement of the youth, we wished him to forget.
  • I should not be surprised at any moment to see ears, eyes, and nose emit lambent flames.
  • Her teeth were clenched upon her bloodless lips, her face seemed marble, her eyes lambent flames.
  • Simon lighted a lambent flame over the baptismal font with naphtha from the Asphaltic Lake.
  • The lambent amphitheatre of the inclosing ridges was like the wall of a jail which he longed to cross and return no more.
  • You should have seen his eyes slowly moving their lambent lights as they followed the rhythm of the pendulum from side to side.
  • Even on a dark night you can see it showing a distinct blue in the garden like a blue lambent flame.
  • Beyond it loomed what appeared to be the acute angles of mountain peaks, pierced here and there by little lambent parallelograms.
  • The pearls and diamonds he had amused himself with making larger than they were, and filled these with a winking fire, those with a lambent luster.
  • The lambent glow of beauty might fall upon him unheeded; even its lightnings might not penetrate his shell.
  • Breathlessly she listened and watched, and presently she saw the eyes of the padding intruder glowing like balls of lambent green fire.
  • As the sun rose, the yellow changed suddenly to scarlet and for a few moments earth and sky quivered in a lambent red fire.
  • The moon was creeping slowly across the blue vault, like a great phantom mingling with the lambent purity of the stars.
  • Abruptly the watching orbs shook under a hail of sparkling atoms streaming down from the glittering sky; raining upon the lambent lake.
  • For the next few minutes black-back was here, there, and everywhere, leaping and dodging in and out like a lambent flame.
  • If it were not for the lambent fire in her eye, you might take her in the sculptured grace of her attitudes, for an immortal bronze of Cleopatra.
  • Through the first days of her happiness Sheila walked like a lambent being of another world, whose radiance was almost blinding.
  • The lambent flame rekindle, not destroy, And woes remember'd heighten present joy.
  • His golden zodiac, no longer tarnished and dull, ran with sun flames; the wondrous rose was a racing, lambent miracle.
  • Your fancies glinting on my central mind Fell off in beams of many hues, Soft lambent light.
  • His brows thick fogs, instead of glories, grace, And lambent dulness play'd around his face.
  • The northern lights have been frequently gazed at with similar apprehensions, whole provinces having been thrown into consternation by the fantastic coruscations of these lambent meteors.
  • The golden gilt of imagination decorated his phrases and the lambent light of his philosophy shone like the rosy dawn upon a field of variegated wild flowers.
  • And emulate, vaulted, The lambent heat-lightning, And fire-fly's flight.
  • Another bell rang, too, in tilted singsong from a pulley operating somewhere in the catacomb rear of this lambent vale of things and things and things.
  • The full harvest-moon, which hung in the lambent heavens above all, pictures itself to my memory as far fairer and more luminous than is the best of nowaday moons.

Definition of Lambent

Brushing or flickering gently over a surface. | Glowing or luminous, but lacking heat. | (figuratively) Exhibiting lightness or brilliance of wit; clever or witty without unkindness.
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