Lambert In A Sentence

Definition of Lambert

(physics) a cgs unit of luminance; the brightness of a surface that emits one lumen per square centimetre

How To Use Lambert In A Sentence?

  • Mr. Lambert scowled; his emotion was too deep for words.
  • On the proof thus supplied, Lambert shook hands with him.
  • Mr. Lambert took a drink, and indeed it steadied his hand.
  • If Lambert Planter could have heard him say that!
  • Sim Hargus leaned to look Lambert in the face.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lambert | Lambert Sentence

  • Had Lambert been right?
  • Will Lambert remember me?
  • But Lambert tried to detain him.
  • He pressed Lambert to join him.
  • Sometime later Lambert drifted in.
  • Blodgett and Lambert had gone on into the library.
  • Mrs. Lambert interposed.
  • Mrs. Lambert herself was weeping now.
  • Mrs. Lambert picked it up.
  • Those were what he had ordered Lambert to take.
  • Still Lambert cried for reasons.
  • George left Lambert and went straight to them.
  • Kerr himself, Lambert thought again.
  • He wondered why Lambert or his sister should go.
  • To these questions Lambert made no reply.
  • Miss Lambert does not play those trashy melodies.
  • Without hesitating Lambert raised the whip.
  • Dr. Lambert placed his arms about her.
  • Dr. Lambert put his arms about her.
  • Miss Lambert has many admirers but no suitors.
  • I had quite a controversy with Lambert after the sitting.
  • Mrs. Lambert looked away.
  • Mrs. Lambert mildly protested.
  • Mrs. Lambert rose to meet him.
  • Mrs. Lambert spoke quietly.
  • Dr. Lambert quickly spoke.
  • Miss Lambert will see you, sir.
  • Taterleg remained mounted while Lambert went to the door.
  • Mrs. Lambert reproves my lack of occupation.
  • Mrs. Lambert took time to think.
  • Mr. Lambert had no restraint; he did wolf it.
  • After Lambert had gone he sat for a long time thinking.
  • He turned back, offering Lambert his hand with a smile.
  • He summoned Lambert and Goodhue.
  • Would I love Lambert any more?
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