Lamentation In A Sentence

How To Use Lamentation In A Sentence?

  • And what great weeping and lamentation there was in the palace when the dreadful news was told!
  • We gather from the same source the lamentation of the books in the evil times that followed.
  • At this lamentation of the king, all present become sorry and express their regrets.
  • And how shall I be profited, if he is stripped and falls to lamentation and weeping?
  • He said, and vanished with a dismal sound Of lamentation from his grisly troop.
  • There was mourning and lamentation in Alexandria and throughout all Egypt when the tidings came.
  • He began to realise again his former condition when his life was full of the lamentation of the child.
  • In their lamentation they inserted a melancholy song, with innumerable extravagant things in praise of the dead.
  • May there be no sighs for lost beauty, no grief over faded youth and no lamentation over lost fortune.
  • Behold this bag of money, and raise thy voice with mine in lamentation over the miseries of the unfortunate.
  • This motive of lamentation is worked out on a grand scale, and in intimate association with the motives of brooding and of warning.
  • The shock of this intelligence was very great, as may be supposed, but still there was no useless lamentation or weeping.
  • When he told them of these hard terms he could not refrain from weeping bitterly, and wailing and lamentation arose all round him.
  • I had therefore no other resource but to throw myself down, and pour out my soul in lamentation and prayer to God.
  • But let no cloud of lamentation be Where, on a warrior's grave, a lyre is hung.
  • A jubilant multitude surrounded him in life, and loud lamentation arose, when, at length, he fell a victim to envy and malice.
  • Hebrew lamentation of the most tenacious of races, at the passing sound of a Babylonian or a Ninevite voice?
  • As she approached her bench, she found it occupied by an individual who appeared to be playing a contributory part in the general lamentation of nature.
  • When he was laid beside the illustrious dead in Westminster Abbey, there arose far and wide a lamentation as of personal bereavement.
  • Great was the lamentation which then uprose, and sad was Farmer Gilbert to think that the unfortunate monk had died without repenting of his sins.
  • This lamentation comes from sheer envy,' said Hanslein, jestingly, 'because you are not created a duke.
  • Cowardice is a word of evil omen, if thou wilt, and meanness of spirit, and lamentation and mourning, and shamelessness. . . .
  • Both physicians returned a little after noon, and previously Mrs. Edgham had made her voice of lamentation heard again.
  • That passage contained a lamentation for the loss of monarchy to the Americans, after they had separated from Great Britain.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lamentation | Lamentation Sentence

  • And loud the lamentation was of all.
  • There was lamentation in the house.
  • Many years ago that lamentation was familiar.
  • A wail of lamentation goes up from our street.
  • I never heard a more touching lamentation for the dead.
  • No lamentation could bring the paper back again.
  • Lest thy lamentation over me bring thee into ill-will.
  • This lamentation awoke Marko at once.
  • There is Lamentation mixed with mad Rejoicing.
  • He began to feel as if he drew near to that lamentation once more.
  • Forever she sank mid the wail, and the wild lamentation of women.
  • The voice and the lamentation of the true Faith have been raised.
  • These words are words of lamentation over the wicked king of Tyrus.
  • It was into this house of lamentation that Stan entered at half-past four.
  • And mourn, in lamentation deep, How life and love are all a dream!
  • You hatch me soon An egg, From your long lamentation out of.

Definition of Lamentation

The act of lamenting. | A sorrowful cry; a lament. | Specifically, mourning.
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