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Definition of Lamp

(slang) To hit, clout, belt, wallop. | To hunt at night using a lamp; see lamping. | (slang) To hang out or chill; to do nothing in particular.

How To Use Lamp In A Sentence?

  • Consequently it is not feasible to place the lamp directly in series with long exposed lines.
  • A suspicion came into his mind, and he snatched the lamp to make a closer examination.
  • Such a situation permits the omission of the line relay, the lamp being directly in the line.
  • Byrne jumped up, snatched the lamp off the table, and stooped swiftly over the body.
  • A great log burned in the fireplace, a shaded lamp threw a circle of gold on shining mahogany.
  • His arrangement possesses the compactness of the carbon-filament lamp and is shown in Fig.
  • The armature carries a contact spring adapted to close the local circuit of a lamp whenever it is attracted.
  • There seems to be absolutely no good reason why lamp signals should be substituted for mechanical drops in magneto switchboards.
  • This line has been often criticized on the ground that a lamp could not cause any shadow on the floor if the bird sat above the door.
  • It was the girl who preceded him upstairs carrying an iron lamp from the naked flame of which ascended a thin thread of smoke.
  • The lamp on the floor near the set, still face of the seaman showed it staring at the ceiling as if despairingly.
  • All disappeared into the blackness at the far end of the pier, where a lamp and storm-bell were built into a little chapel-shaped shelter.
  • The open or glass front of the box is turned forward, and a common japan lamp placed in a socket prepared for it in the box.
  • If current in a lamp is too little, its filament either will not glow at all or merely at a dull red, insufficient for a proper signal.
  • At last the lamp went out, and he stumbled against some object which, when he stooped for it, he found to be very cold and heavy to lift.
  • At no time was it dark, for midsummer was over the land, and the moon hung in the sky like a silver lamp when the sun had set.
  • He got down on his hands and knees, with the lamp on the floor, to look under the bed, like a silly girl.
  • The qualities of electromagnets and lamps in these respects are used to advantage by the lamp signal arrangement shown in Fig.
  • Every publican is bound by law to keep a lamp burning outside his house every dark night; and these lamps light the street very creditably.
  • A small candle lamp hung on gymbals is fixed to the woodwork, and throws a scanty gleam on the two figures which are engaged in earnest play.
  • He stood looking after his master with his long, angular chin thrust out, looking yellower where it caught the yellow light of the lamp below.
  • Energizing the relay lights the lamp, and the reverse; the lamp is thus isolated from danger and receives the current best adapted to its needs.
  • In its best form, the lamp signal is mounted behind a hemispherical lens, either slightly clouded or cut in facets.
  • The desk in which he had placed the paper was not locked, and Gray took out the paper and sat down by the lamp to study it.
  • Accordingly, with the spade in one hand and the lamp in the other, I started to retrace my steps to the hoisting cage.
  • In the foreground is a green shaded lamp and crumpled galley slips and paged proofs and letters, two or three papers in manuscript, and so forth.
  • Whilst the stage waited, old Tim attempted to do something to the lamp on that side, and in turning it down he put it out.
  • Psyche, a beautiful maiden beloved of Cupid, whose adventure with the lamp is told in all classical mythologies.
  • Then he resumed his seat, drew a folded slip of paper from his breast pocket, a chart from another, turned up the lamp and began to write.
  • Old scroll, the smoke of years dost wear, So long as o'er this desk the sorry lamp hath shone.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lamp | Lamp Sentence

  • To inspect the damage he raised the lamp higher.
  • The night lamp cast its pale rays on the sleeping forms.
  • The blazing lamp struck Applegate between the eyes.
  • The resistance of the lamp falls as that of the ballast rises.
  • He picked up the heavy lamp from the table and began to explore.
  • A lamp was kept burning in the room all the time, both day and night.
  • The Commandant took the hat to a lamp and examined it carefully.
  • Holding the lamp aloft I looked inquiringly along the walls.
  • Cord Circuit with Double Lamp Signals] In Fig.
  • I The lamp had not been wiped, and the room smelt slightly of paraffin.

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