Lamplighter In A Sentence

Definition of Lamplighter

(historical) A person employed to light streetlights at dusk and snuff them at dawn.

How To Use Lamplighter In A Sentence?

  • A milk girl was going from door to door, and the lamplighter was vanishing in the distance.
  • Once they both sank into the water; the lamplighter waving his wand, and shouting.
  • The lamplighter was usually a tall man, a character, and his position was considered an important one.
  • The lamplighter with his tall wand alight seemed like some unearthly messenger come to conduct us to goblin realms.
  • The light was fast fading, and the lamplighter was going down the street lighting the lamps; there was no time to lose.
  • Across the way the houses were beginning to show lights at the windows, and the old lamplighter was balancing himself unsteadily on his ladder at the corner.
  • The flower with which God crowns the one, and the flame with which Sam the lamplighter crowns the other, are equally of the gold of fairy-tales.
  • With arms interlaced they stood gazing down into the street, where the shadow of the old lamplighter glided like a ghost under the row of pale flickering lights.
  • With faces pressed against streaming window panes, we watched for the blurred progress of the lamplighter down the street, as the one excitement of the day.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lamplighter | Lamplighter Sentence

  • And the half-breathless lamplighter he's in the net!
  • We watched the slow progress of the lamplighter along the street.
  • The twilight fell, and a lamplighter lit the street lamp on the corner.

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