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  • Skids to landing chassis.
  • Wheels and skids landing gear.
  • Very strong landing gear.
  • How would the landing look without it?
  • The door was ajar and the landing was dark.
  • I never crossed the landing to her room again.
  • New designs in wing construction, landing chassis, etc.
  • On the first landing she paused for the briefest instant and looked down.
  • He made his fall heavily to the ground, landing on his shoulder.
  • It was the first thing he had enjoyed since landing in America.
  • But I shall see them to-morrow morning, at the landing place.

How To Use Landing In A Sentence?

  • A more difficult coast on which to effect a landing could not have been selected.
  • I had got news of the exact spot and hour at which the landing was to take place.
  • I flew after them, and found them on the dark landing at the foot of our own flight.
  • He mounted the stairs two at a time; but when he reached the landing the door was shut!
  • The opposite door on the landing was wide open, and he could hear nobody in the room.
  • The man had no light, but discover him he must, sooner or later, for the landing was narrow.
  • Then he told them of his voyage back to England, and of his landing with his master at Liverpool.
  • It was the first meeting, after landing from Lake George, with the advance of the French troops.
  • I waited till he had climbed the stairs and was near the landing and couldn't escape.
  • Some supposed him a smuggler stationed at that place to assist his comrades in landing their goods among the rocky coves of the island.
  • Scarcely had they done so, when the wind rose again, and the sea got up so rapidly that the landing was postponed.
  • There was a good landing place, and an easy path up the cliff, and he knew that cargoes had been more than once run here.
  • One gloomy autumn morning the sloop ran close to a shallow cove where a landing could be made on that iron-bound shore.
  • The starting and landing devices must be part of the machine itself, and it must be able to start without outside assistance.
  • On landing they made their way among the bushes, taking turns to relieve each other in lugging their burthen up the rocky bank.
  • Lloyd felt devastated because he knew that the colours could only mean the unsuccessful landing of the Bestenese navy.
  • I am warned that the capture was a ruse, and that the military officer is a spy, whose object here is to discover a landing place.
  • As they emerged, however, there on the landing stood the little hunchback, sobbing and smearing his face with his sleeve.
  • Mauriri, feeling his way, led the landing in a crevice, up which for a hundred feet they climbed to a narrow ledge.
  • The latter operation also governs the front wheel of the landing chassis, so that when on the ground the machine can be steered like a motor car.
  • We got him safely to the landing at last, and tumbling him into the bottom of one of the boats, started down stream towards our shanty.
  • He stalked out to the landing and dramatically pointed to the bad switch, the one that he had unscrewed and left hanging the night before....
  • General Funston with a division of regulars was sent to relieve the naval landing parties; and war seemed inevitable.
  • I came out of my study upon the landing when I heard the turmoil of her arrival below, and she came upstairs with a quickened gladness.
  • Compared to it, our "hustle" in landing an army in Cuba in 1898 was the quintessence of procrastination and muddle.
  • He landed on the flag ship and let the fleet commander know that they could make their way to Phoride, for a landing and their attack.
  • Having thus reached head-quarters, arrangements were rapidly made, and the landing of the troops assigned to Perry.
  • Father Sturt was up and dressed, standing guard on the landing outside the Perrotts' door.
  • The next moment his head went down and he rose in a series of buck-jumps, whirling sideways, turning half-way round, and landing with a jolt.

Definition of Landing

present participle of land | Corridor. | Coming to a surface, as of an airplane or any descending object.
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