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How To Use Landmark In A Sentence?

  • In the smaller cities the presence of this significant landmark is almost invariable.
  • Then, directly ahead, the aged landmark of the skeleton mill rose sharply out of the dusk.
  • Mile after mile it seemed to stretch without another given landmark to show Jerry her destination.
  • This is a landmark of great note in the countryside, and now I could guess my whereabouts.
  • It was lying in ruins; and thus another old landmark disappeared from the region of the Mohunk.
  • A famous landmark in the native city; said to be one of the oldest tea-houses in China.
  • So perished, at the hands of an amazingly stupid city council, the oldest landmark in Colorado.
  • The Ainu themselves use the Shikarubets Otchirsh as a landmark when out hunting bears.
  • The findings of its "second interim report" are nothing less than a landmark in Church History.
  • The big white house in which Henry Lee made his home was a landmark in southeast Arizona.
  • The grandeur and beauty of its outlines and the majesty of its proportions have made it a notable landmark for all travelers who pass that way.
  • We could see far ahead a landmark which we would reach only by a morning's travel.
  • This great brother of his was the brightest landmark in his memory of the world he had said good-bye to years ago.
  • In a little while his tracks were all covered, and not a landmark that he had noted on his inward journey was visible through the blinding snow.
  • The windmill, the best landmark in the neighbourhood, could now be discerned through the mist and driving spray.
  • A new church with a spire that forms a landmark for many miles, stands midway between the two and serves both.
  • Its site is 100 feet above the river, and its tall and graceful spire is a landmark seen for many miles.
  • He believed that they had been a landmark to Clay, and that his turning in another direction was but a feint.
  • The "ring" which is such a bold landmark for so many miles around makes a view from the actual top difficult to obtain.
  • But every year the shabby stream of progress rises and engulfs one relic or another, carrying off many and many a landmark and memory.
  • The Palace, built by William C. Ralston, has survived as a landmark of San Francisco.
  • By what landmark the skipper chose his position I do not know, but presently the anchor was let go and we swung round.
  • To further insure this trifling piece of self-aggrandizement she was defraying the whole of the expenses for the demolishment of the aged landmark of the valley.
  • It was a landmark known throughout the land; it was the landmark which had guided him to this obscure village of Rocky Springs.
  • This eminence was Wind Cliff, and served as a landmark for all the sailors whose path lay along the coast.
  • All forests were alike to him, inasmuch as several hundred thousand square miles were included in his domain and it was impossible for him to landmark them all.
  • Yet he had an awful reputation, and when he died it was generally stated privately that the last landmark of ignorance and superstition had been providentially removed.
  • That done the local freight facilities were removed from the old stone freight-house opposite the passenger-station and that staunch old landmark torn down.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Landmark | Landmark Sentence

  • It was a great landmark bound up with all our memories.
  • Its spire is a landmark for many miles.
  • This landmark was built forty years ago.
  • It serves as a landmark for an amazing extent of country.
  • Ranch farther up the river, became a landmark on the trail.
  • The landmark was a great, upright rock like a huge chimney.
  • They constitute a very conspicuous landmark in the history of literature.
  • Fixing our eyes upon this landmark we watched it with bated breath.
  • He pointed out to her, with an air of pride, every landmark by the roadside.
  • And I believe the charred walls of each ruined landmark burnt into his soul.
  • L False landmark erected by Captain Jeremy's orders.

Definition of Landmark

(US) To officially designate a site or building as a landmark. | A recognizable natural or man-made feature used for navigation. | A notable location with historical, cultural, or geographical significance.
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