Languid in a sentence

Definition of Languid

Lacking enthusiasm, energy, or strength; drooping or flagging from weakness, fatigue, or lack of energy | Heavy; dull; dragging; wanting spirit or animation; listless; apathetic. | A languet in an organ (musical instrument).

Short Example Sentence for Languid

  • 1. She wakened languid and weak.
  • 2. And led his languid footsteps with a pine.
  • 3. Doth fill the languid air with joy.
  • 4. Azrael cast down her languid eyelids by way of assent.
  • 5. How eloquent was that languid way of using her fan!
  • 6. They watched the new arrival with languid interest.
  • 7. How many languid sighs and humbly imploring eyes!
  • 8. Philippa would listen, nodding languid approbation.
  • 9. In the spring, to be sure, there is a languid sadness.
  • 10. In the afternoon Letty was languid and depressed.
  • 11. Mrs. Palmer would say, leaning back in languid comfort.
  • 12. He watched the picture with languid eyes which closed weakly at intervals.
  • 13. How well has he expressed his love for "the languid patience" of its face.
  • 14. A drowsy, ineffably languid feeling took possession of the entire assemblage.
  • 15. The poor girl partly opened a languid eye, but was without strength or motion.
  • 16. In London the hour of rising had invariably found me languid and reluctant.
  • 17. Next a languid cheek that slept, Sharing in the shadow.
  • 18. He instant fell, resigned his breath, And closed his languid eyes in death.
  • 19. Katherine was watching Rhoda's languid eyes half mischievously.

How to use Languid in a Sentence?

  • 1. Does not this kind of billboard stir the blood in these languid days of spring?
  • 2. By resolutely setting our face against doing anything in a languid and half-hearted way.
  • 3. The captain himself was a small and languid man, and he admired energy in others.
  • 4. Her first languid look was towards Mr. Aubrey, whose hand she slowly raised to her lips.
  • 5. It proved languid and heavy with those who could not relish the science of the music and the skill of the combinations.
  • 6. But his interest in other matters did not seem to revive, and he grew apparently languid and depressed.
  • 7. She dreamt much in a languid way, and had imagination enough to work these tales into her visions of life.
  • 8. Courtney slowly abstracted his gaze from without, and turned on his shoulder with the lazy, languid grace of a cat.
  • 9. An arm, on which the deathy skin clung to the bones, dragged rather than supported a languid infant.
  • 10. In reality a man of action, the languid and somewhat cynical air which he affected in times of quiet greatly belied him.
  • 11. She had begun with but a languid interest, seeking only to pass the time, and had suddenly ended up with tremendous enthusiasm.
  • 12. Hubert watched in wonderment this girl, so weak and languid in her own nature, awaking only to life when she assumed the personality of another.
  • 13. In the summer mornings, they were chilly and languid over their books; and in the winter, the fire made them sleepy.
  • 14. The luxuriance of his fancy was unabated; but the affections, which are the life of fancy, had grown languid and inactive.
  • 15. Behind it, lifted and dropped by the languid wavelets, was a launch, a covered shape lying on the floor.
  • 16. From the die-away manner in which she moved her head, and the languid tone of her voice, it was obvious that she was a very sentimental young lady.
  • 17. I was unnaturally tired and languid as I dragged myself up the rough-paved and irregular village street to the inn recommended to me.
  • 18. I have not been out yet, and am languid in spirits, I gather myself up by fits and starts, and then fall back.
  • 19. It took him half the morning, with his feeble, languid motions, and his cumbrous old scissors, to trim up his diminished darlings.
  • 20. I feel the heavy sunshine, and the weight of languid heat That crowned the day you laid the royal jewels at my feet.
  • 21. The weather would be hot, perhaps, and a certain languid feeling, the result of a want of change, would come over her.