Lantern In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lantern | Lantern Sentence

  • Put the lantern down here.
  • But the lantern they carried?
  • I had the lantern over it and did not see it.
  • The lantern was in the corner at hand.
  • She held the lantern nearer.
  • Attachment to the lantern is not loving the light.
  • She carried a lantern in her hand.
  • A lantern moved down the tracks.
  • The lantern was a circular room.
  • Suddenly up the road a lantern gleamed.
  • He held up his lantern and looked about.
  • The lantern spread its radiance.
  • And he handed the lantern to his companion.
  • Fancy the fool taking a lantern with him.
  • Have any of you gentlemen a pocket lantern about you?
  • I see his lantern shake.
  • The lantern light was almost out.
  • Even the dark lantern was packed.
  • Above the lantern was a wooden octagon.
  • The light of a lantern was thrown into the cellar.
  • Why did he put out the lantern before reaching the house?
  • He rode slowly with the lantern against his knee.
  • We ought to have had a lantern to light the fuse at.
  • Taking up his lantern he turned toward the door.
  • Jud asked for the lantern and examined the ground.
  • The light from the lantern was suddenly extinguished.
  • Someone had lashed a lantern at the head of the ladder.
  • He dropped the lantern and took her hands.
  • You have seen a turnip lantern perhaps.
  • She held out the lantern with a trembling hand.
  • A lantern is next to worthless in this gale.
  • He noticed then that he had a red lantern on his front.
  • Ned snatched the lantern and ran down the island.
  • A policeman had flashed a lantern upon him.
  • He turned the lantern and blew it out as he spoke.

How To Use Lantern In A Sentence?

  • Phil had put out the lantern the last thing.
  • I carried with me a lantern with powerful lens.
  • The lantern bobbed rapidly downward.
  • He held his lantern above his head and bent over it.
  • A lantern has fallen on the floor in the foreground.

Definition of Lantern

(transitive) To furnish with a lantern. | A case of translucent or transparent material made to protect a flame, or light, used to illuminate its surroundings. | (theater) Especially, a metal casing with lens used to illuminate a stage (e.g. spotlight, floodlight).
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