Lapping In A Sentence

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  • The water was lapping their feet.
  • He heard the lapping of the waves.
  • Then unwind the lapping for about an inch and a half.
  • Nevertheless, masterly eyes scan the lapping waters.
  • Something, he thought, was lapping at the water!
  • Sponge, lapping up water from puddles; dew from leaves.
  • Among the lapping shadows Lennox felt the force of it.
  • Anse sat staring down at the water lapping at his lean middle.
  • A sponge tied to the end of a stick will do good service in lapping these up.
  • Not even the lapping of the tide against the wall arose to break the silence.
  • The moonlight shone on rippling water lapping the foot of the cliff.
  • Psmith gazed with interest at the cat, which was lapping milk from the saucer.
  • Roll from the cut side towards the point, lapping the point closely.
  • It is louder than a dog lapping water, and a cat would be quite genteel to it.
  • Nana wagged her tail, ran to the medicine, and began lapping it.
  • Lifting her hair, And the lapping of water on the stone stair.
  • The moon was full, silver tides lapping in below the tent's rim.

How To Use Lapping In A Sentence?

  • Looking down he saw the sea of fire lapping now at the very foot of the rocks below.
  • There was not a sound to be heard save the faint lapping of the waves against the shore.
  • The melancholy lapping of the waves over the sand was the only sound that broke the stillness.
  • But they heard nothing else save the light lapping of the water against the tree trunks.
  • Outside we heard the lapping and gurgling of the great river, and the soughing of the rising wind.
  • Then with a teacup or saucer draw some circles, intersecting or lapping at one edge.
  • But above both, dominant and insistent, murmured the lapping voice of the wonderful city at night.
  • Then she fled, leaving two dismayed maltese kittens disconsolately lapping an empty dish.
  • The sound of the water gurgling and lapping by was so soothing that I began to doze.
  • I stood still, the water lapping faintly on the sand at my feet; it was hardly a sound.
  • Then they came out upon the hard, smooth sand, and heard the water lapping on the shore.
  • The heavy reddish fog portended a big fire, its tongue of flame lapping up everything as it came.
  • Gently rocked by the lapping lullaby of the rythmical waves of paradise, I fearlessly float.
  • Prrrr, prrrr, Little pink tongue, lapping up the milk from her own little dish.
  • He pointed with his toe to the water lapping out from under the ice and creeping greedily towards them.
  • Then there was a pause with no sound but the gentle lapping of the water against the sides of the pirate vessel.
  • The air was damp and cold and the waters of the bay were lapping softly against the pilings which supported the building.
  • The lapping frequently wears out and becomes a source of great irritation until one has an opportunity of having it newly done.
  • The cutting away of the ends of timbers to be joined, so the two parts on lapping will unite evenly.
  • Sometimes the ordinary thread lapping gets cut through and interferes with the player, and it is as well to know how to fasten it off at once.
  • Already the rush of a long wave would send the water lapping around their horses' feet.
  • There was a moment of ominous silence, save for the shrilling of the insects, and lapping of the stream.
  • Near the foot of the cliff one of the horses was impaled on a jagged rock; its head and shoulders in the lapping water.

Definition of Lapping

present participle of lap | A kind of machine blanket or wrapping material used by calico printers. | (music, lutherie, bowmaking) Lengths of fine wire, silver, gold, silk or whalebone wrapped tightly around the bow stick adjacent to the leather part of the bow grip at the heel of the bow.
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