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How To Use Lapses In A Sentence?

  • An expert housekeeper is the type, and there are no lapses in her argument with a tradesman.
  • The desire for sexual variety is the ultimate cause of all sexual lapses and irrationalities.
  • She lapses toward him as if she were a failure, whereas you make her out a great success.
  • To be always out of the road requires a map: genuine ignorance occasionally lapses into truth.
  • Considering the lapses of the mate-boy's memory, this was a marvel of achievement.
  • When he did allow his thoughts out they came slowly and in jerks, with lapses at times which the hearer had to fill in as best he could.
  • And to strengthen this resolve she recalled his weaknesses, his vacillation, his distrust in himself, his lapses into inebriety.
  • In avoiding the conspicuous lapses of his predecessors Raymond with all his guile fell into another pitfall.
  • But these lapses were only occasional, for the lad was faithful to his tasks, except when he yielded to the lure of the printed page.
  • I do not mean that it is compelled to fall, but that, as a matter of fact, its lapses are frequent and discouraging.
  • I feel a great and vivid pity for a thing which sets out to be so bright and beautiful, and lapses into shapeless and uncomely neglect.
  • She supposed there were many temptations into which a man might fall, lapses of which he might repent and still go in fear of discovery.
  • And yet it must be confessed that there were vast lapses in the attention which Katharine bestowed upon her cousin.
  • It would require saints, not men, to deal without occasional lapses from strict equity with such infuriating folk.
  • So that for the previous thirty or forty years the due worship of Jehovah had only been interrupted by occasional lapses into disobedience.
  • Pain-filled pauses and unconscious lapses and short, sudden, sharp throbs of happiness, made up life.
  • It lapses in and out of alliance with Labour as it sways between hostility to wealth and hostility to public expenditure....
  • It was so remarkable that Miss Mapp quite forgot to note grammatical lapses and listened entranced.
  • Moral lapses are to be regretted, of course; but they do not vitiate our status as the Sons of God.
  • It is diffuse, exhibits many lapses in taste, is uneven metrically, as if done in haste, and shows imitation on every hand.
  • Can you not recall when I first came here from Dalmatia, many supposed lapses of memory on my part?
  • The leaders of orthodoxy began to deprecate deviations from the common rule of faith with greater severity than they did lapses from fundamental morality.
  • His sudden lapses into thought, however, created the impression in the minds of some of his listeners that he was laboring under suppressed excitement.
  • Of course, Maggie, there is nothing wrong, only with our peculiar idiosyncrasies, small lapses of memory make one anxious.
  • She need not have been afraid, however, that the black sheep of her flock was going to indulge in any more lapses from the strict path of convention.
  • Betty presided at the small table so daintily and graciously that her occasional lapses into slang were like the dartings of a particularly frisky little animal from the beaten track of conventions.
  • The light of truth shone clearly on the past, and they felt that their manifold lapses from the path of virtue had been the original cause of the complicated misery they had endured.
  • It may be remarked in this connection that the persons who are guilty of lapses like that of entering your front door unannounced are of the same class as those who enter your bed-chamber or sanctum without knocking.
  • There are lapses and flaws, and Natty is made to say things which only Cooper, in his most verbosely didactic vein, could have uttered.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lapses | Lapses Sentence

  • She lapses into thought again.
  • There are probably other lapses just as deplorable.
  • Ah, what wonder one lapses into barbarism!
  • By-and-by these lapses seemed to give me strength.
  • All of us indeed are liable to lapses into the same condition.
  • But there were lapses of tenderness and turning back upon the trail.
  • There were intervals of lucidity followed by long lapses into unconsciousness.
  • A high standard of intelligence is required, and lapses are not overlooked.
  • Then, in the very next line perhaps, the poet lapses again into sensuality.
  • At that I didn't wonder at the boss's temporary lapses any more whatever.
  • But in his peroration Professor Metchnikoff lapses into pure religiosity.

Definition of Lapses

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of lapse | plural of lapse
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