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  • But I am lapsing into Wertherism again.

How To Use Lapsing In A Sentence?

  • Of the metals, the production of copper is a lapsing industry, confined to Cornwall.
  • Na, na, neighbours," said the Dominie, lapsing into dialect, "we daurna luik for a prize.
  • I was indifferent to existence, and was more than once in danger of lapsing into the void I had escaped.
  • She wanted to tell him, but every lapsing moment laid a new stone upon the wall that barred her way.
  • It was a strange contrast, the complaint of nature unregenerate on the one hand, the self-reproach of nature regenerate and lapsing on the other.
  • Dilsey Quinn lay on her hospital pallet delirious, but never violent, and lapsing into unconsciousness.
  • To whom but her whose friendship grows more dear, And more assur'd, for every lapsing year?
  • It is also plainly implied in these views, here and there, that modern man, by thus lapsing into war, is renewing his stock of primitive nature.
  • But some of these, you may say, are the demands of luxury, of indolent ease, of man setting nature to work and lapsing in self-indulgence.
  • We found Watty Solder very shakey, and his assistant also lapsing into habits of painful inebriety.
  • The fact that its princes were elective protected it from lapsing through heritage to the duke who had been so neatly proven heir to his divers childless kinsfolk.
  • The other was a younger man, and in this moment of lapsing consciousness it struck Roscoe as strange that he should be clutching a can of beans between his hands.
  • She could not give rein to her feelings without lapsing to a barbarity which she might not justify to herself even in anger and might, indeed, blush to remember.
  • Unfitted for close application to business, they become dilatory and careless, often lapsing into entire lack of energy, and not seldom into the love of intoxicating stimulants.

Definition of Lapsing

present participle of lapse
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