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  • You clear off the largest mortgage.
  • Collie is one of the three largest stockholders.
  • He placed her tenderly on the largest leaf he could find.
  • The largest male has a snout-vent length of 98 mm.
  • The largest male has a snout-vent length of 81 mm.
  • The largest specimen, a male, has a body length of 660 mm.
  • Bert glued his eye to the largest of these openings and looked in.
  • The largest specimen is a male having a body length of 724 mm.
  • Nevertheless, some of the largest home ranges measured were those of females.
  • The largest specimen is a female having a snout-vent length of 107 mm.
  • The largest specimen is a male having a snout-vent length of 95 mm.
  • Both specimens are males; the largest has a body length of 754 mm.
  • The largest individual is a female having a snout-vent length of 112.5 mm.
  • The largest tadpoles preserved have total lengths of 13.0 and 13.5 mm.
  • The largest are Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and Porto Rico.
  • France had the largest fleet of dirigibles among the Allied nations.
  • The Albatross, the lads learned, was one of the largest freighters afloat.
  • The best kinds are found in Carrediva, but the largest quantity in Manaar.
  • LEYDEN is one of the largest and finest Cities in the Country.

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  • Already it had the third largest freight-car equipment of any railroad in the state.
  • Again, it turns out that the largest proportion of crimes are committed by foreigners.
  • It's goin' to be one of the largest events ever knowed in this here settlement.
  • It contains 63 large eggs, the largest of which has a diameter of about three millimeters.
  • He cut away the brambles, and tried by measuring to decide which had been the largest tree.
  • I desire that my daughter, Paulina Jackson, may have my largest silver tankerd.
  • Five minutes later she was exchanging them for the largest in the sack under the direction of an infuriated mother.
  • The largest female (KU 59603), obtained on June 28, has a snout-vent length of 125 mm.
  • The reason for giving the fuse the largest possible surface area is to decrease the likelihood of the fuse being ruptured by lightning.
  • The largest of them are equipped with either two or three powerful engines, each working a separate propeller.
  • Either the trunk of the largest tree had been taken away altogether, or it had not been much larger than the trunks of the other trees.
  • The wild boars, which wallow in the swampy ground there, are the largest and fiercest of their kind.
  • At the time of its flight it was the largest aircraft in the world, having a length of 650 feet and a diameter of 78 feet.
  • IN every ancient city the largest and most costly building ever erected in it is usually the most enduring.
  • For years he had been at daggers drawn with the owners of the three largest shops, and the small fry could barely make a living for themselves.
  • The two largest males have snout-vent lengths of 121 and 115 mm. and tail lengths of 265 and 243 mm.
  • Parsons took advantage of this technical defect in the statutes, and on a Sabbath day he successfully brought his railroad into its largest city.
  • The largest ship can anchor close to shore, for the rugged boundaries of Banda descend by steep gradients into the crystalline depths.
  • There were heavy, drooping curtains at the door of this room, and deep from the largest folds the ratling from the Jago watched.
  • It will thus be seen that the Post Office ranks as one of the largest employers of labour in the western city.
  • The Wanni is the largest division in this kingdom, and would also be the most profitable to the Company if matters went on as they ought to.

Definition of Largest

superlative form of large: most large
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