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How To Use Lark In A Sentence?

  • Indeed, he was as happy as a lark that the poor animals he had wronged could be righted again.
  • The victim knew enough to keep his temper, and in the end enjoyed the lark as well as the rest.
  • I am going to shift the gang under the Lark out yonder, in front of the others.
  • I just run down for a lark to show my folks my ring an' things, an' let 'em see it's really so.
  • Until the Lark yelled to his men to "knock" off at night, Conniston labored with them.
  • It's rather a lark out here, though a lark which may turn against you any time.
  • And so the lark is famous, while the sparrow remains unheard-of, and is even mistaken for a grasshopper.
  • He was up with the lark, as people say, but there was no lark within many a mile of that dismal street.
  • High overhead a lark was pouring out its song; in the lane at the orchard end rang the beat of trotting hoofs.
  • Its other lark trait, namely, singing in the air, seems not to have been observed by any naturalist.
  • Where the lark finds her deep nest in the grass Cold with the earth's last dew.
  • Written, I care no more what becomes of it than the lark for the effect that the song has on the peasant it wakes to the plough.
  • Everywhere he went the Lark dogged his heels, listening intently to the orders which his superior gave him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lark | Lark Sentence

  • The lark was warbling in the sky.
  • It will be the greatest lark ever!
  • He looked up again to where the lark was singing.
  • I find the lark the most wonderful of all birds.
  • The lark greets you with a burst of song.
  • O tired lark descending on the wheat!
  • He freezes the mud that the shore lark was enjoying.
  • Was she like the lark in her hours, my lord?
  • No lark could pipe to skies so dull and gray.
  • Only the Lark answered.
  • Conniston called the Lark to him.
  • The Lark had done his part.
  • You are to get the wages the Lark here has been getting.
  • The Lark shot away, losing no time in question or answer.
  • Zeet the Lark and Bob Lincoln squatted in the thick grass.
  • The Lark Book I., Nos.
  • She hated him because he discovered that her lark was a crow.
  • The Lark Book II., Nos.
  • A lark rose almost from their feet, and was singing just above their heads.
  • And then slowly he stepped out to where the Lark already stood.
  • Suddenly the Lark broke away from his comrades and ran forward.
  • But the Lark was grinning, and as he came closer he lifted his two hands.
  • He could see that the argument between Peters and the Lark was strong, heated.
  • The Lark Ascending . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Wouldn't it be a jolly lark to dig down for one and have a look at it!...
  • Instructor of the Bristol school at Lark Hill, Salisbury Plain, 1912.
  • I couldn't ask him to go on such a babyfied lark as our Valentine picnic.

Definition of Lark

To sport, engage in harmless pranking. | To frolic, engage in carefree adventure. | A romp, frolic, some fun.
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