Lassies In A Sentence

Definition of Lassies

plural of lassie

How To Use Lassies In A Sentence?

  • A lot of lassies like yon will be iller to keep together than a flock of sheep.
  • The moment that she did so the Brownie hopped under the bench and the lassies started up guiltily.
  • I suggest that a good look be taken at the stalwart lassies and good-looking young women who work there.
  • The lassies at first were very much concerned at being in the dark; nevertheless they determined they would drink the cream, all the same.
  • The Brownie was full of cream, but the poor lassies had not so much as tasted one drop, although each believed the other had drunk it all.
  • He was so weary that once he had fallen asleep he never woke up again until it was quite dark, when he was disturbed by two lassies who had come into the dairy.
  • They were just wee lassies again, and to be a wee lassie at seventy-one is a triumph indeed; but, as the Queen Dowager says, that is nothing.
  • All the lads and lassies had set out soon after midnight, with horns and other music, to neighboring woods, breaking boughs off the trees and decking themselves with wreaths and posies.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lassies | Lassies Sentence

  • All this time Edward and the lassies sat by and listened.
  • And is this the young lad who picked up the drowning lassies out of the lake?
  • The lassies in their claes an' the fishes in the sea.
  • The little lassies who sang the other night, canna they sing?
  • Come listen to one of mine, and let the lassies listen to it too.
  • After all, my dear, soldiers are soldiers and lassies are lassies.

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