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  • I dreamt of him last night.
  • It was the last time she should feed him.
  • The last of the rearguard reached camp about midnight.
  • However, we at last succeeded in reaching camp.
  • At last she dipped her dry pen and laid the blotter ready.
  • Oh, for the last month we have led a miserable life!
  • There was a call after each of the last three acts....
  • At last I had to look round.
  • Oh, what I have learned in the last three or four weeks!
  • At last I was in the train for Calcutta.
  • But this time there'll be no falling off in the last acts.
  • It was alarming to find that he was breaking into his last five-pound note.
  • I got it badly with all the symptoms, including the last two.
  • The last example, before correction, is indefinite as well as negative.
  • He tried farther on, and at last found a clean room for six shillings.
  • Gnatong had been an important place during the last Sikkim Expedition.
  • At last I see my mistakes; in two days I shall have written the act.
  • A visit to the so-called "Kingdom of Goa" fills up our last day in Makassar.

How To Use Last In A Sentence?

  • He had nearly reached the last flight when he remembered that he had forgotten his manuscripts.
  • We shall respect his memory best by forgetting the events of the last six weeks.
  • With some difficulty she is induced to wash the tumbler, and to omit the last reassuring ceremony.
  • The first act had been brisk, the second had dragged, but the last had been thrilling.
  • They say she met him at a luncheon she gave to Milano and her teacher at the Ritz last week.
  • I was afraid that after the foolish way I behaved last night you might think I hated you.
  • IV Hubert at last found himself obliged to write to Ford for an advance of money.
  • At that moment it struck him that he had better calculate how much he had spent in the last ten days.
  • The path to the file is made up of single digits corresponding to all but the last digit in the filename.
  • In the names of business firms the last comma is omitted, as, Brown, Shipley & Co. 3.
  • The third concert of the subscription series was given last evening, and a large audience was in attendance.
  • Then she sat up, and her face showed that the mists were beginning to clear from that doleful future which had haunted her since last night.
  • The last time he had applied for help his letter had remained unanswered, and he now felt that he must make his own living or die.
  • In a series of three or more terms with a single conjunction, use a comma after each term except the last 7 3.
  • And when the latter at last moved off, it of course took an appreciable interval of time before the next mule followed suit.
  • He worked unceasingly upon it for more than a year, and when he had written the final scene, he was breaking into his last hundred pounds.
  • Least open to objection when it represents the last terms of a list already given in full, or immaterial words at the end of a quotation.
  • But in vain, and at last said Lydia, "Here, Charles, you must buy me another," handing me a penny.
  • She remembered how she used to wonder whom he was going to kill, and how sure she used to feel that at last he would grant his adversary his life.
  • In treating either of these last two subjects, the writer would probably find it necessary to subdivide one or more of the topics here given.
  • Hubert had bought these works of art on the occasion of his last visit to London, about two months ago.
  • This last would seem to be the wiser course; but it is one which the Calvinists themselves will not permit us to adopt.

Definition of Last

Final, ultimate, coming after all others of its kind. | Most recent, latest, last so far. | Farthest of all from a given quality, character, or condition; most unlikely, or least preferable.
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