Last Month In A Sentence

How To Use Last Month In A Sentence?

  • That trolley pole over there has been sliced off clean three times in the last month.
  • But it is only fair to say that in the last month they seem to have put in a bit of overtime.
  • The fifth of bourbon in the bottom desk drawer was partly gone from the party last month.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Last Month | Last Month Sentence

  • Bartle died last month.
  • I had a birthday last month.
  • Willie had measles last month.
  • Last month he began to droop.
  • Got his head blown off last month.
  • Yesterday, last month?
  • I have received yours of the 20th of last month.
  • He was wounded last month in the shoulder.
  • This is especially the case in the first and last month.
  • Last month beheld them full of lusty life.
  • He passed the certificate examination last month.
  • Twenty-four pink cards in the last month.
  • Would you like to hear how you have spent the last month?
  • I got my first pension last month.
  • It happened four years ago last month.
  • It carried in ten thousand dollars last month.
  • Oh, for the last month we have led a miserable life!
  • He has kept us waiting now since the 17th of last month.
  • We had quite a re-union one evening last month.
  • It began one awfully rainy afternoon last month.
  • I saw that, all right, when he was here last month.
  • Last month I lost a ship.
  • They had not seen much of Fanny in the last month.
  • Mrs. Burke agreed on the 20th of last month.
  • Three ships bound for America went down last month.
  • Held up the Aransas Pass last month.
  • Melba in Italian opera last month at the Auditorium.
  • I passed the first half of last month in New York.
  • Events of great importance have occurred during the last month.
  • Last month he told me a story of a cave where he found a trunk.
  • Were you not the leader of the band we drove away last month?
  • We had a case before our bench last month; there was no evidence.
  • Wasn't my darter over there last month, and seen him?
  • If you had been here, this last month, it would have given you courage.
  • But, for the last month or so, he had begun to doubt the wisdom of it.
  • I never saw anybody go down like that boy has gone down in the last month.
  • In fact, an ordinary man would be ruined by the last month or two.
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